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Thread in 'Competition' started by colour_thief, 9 Aug 2006.

  1. My arcade joystick record is, I think 402. However, for some reason with an iBuffalo USB SNES controller I got this (2016-12-02):
    The only problem with the SNES controller is pressing down fast enough, hence the awful time. Still, I thought I would put this up for your amusement and facepalming.
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  2. Jii



    panic mode game over
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  3. Muf


    Thanks! :) Got a third m the other day, but no improvement that time.
  4. FeV


    Wow. 499 to 717, possibly the biggest leap in death mode I've seen on here; amazing! Good on you for not panicking earlier like most of us do ;)
  5. Jii


    Tbh I don't really post every new record, because I'm lazy.
  6. FeV


    Hm, I'm surprised you didn't post your first M at least. Either way, still a very nice record for sure :)

  7. GM @ 06:03:83
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  8. [​IMG]

    GM @ 05:55.96
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  9. orz


    hell yeah
  10. Nice mountain climbing ;)
  11. This is from a month back or so. I still haven't broken 400, but I'm hoping to soon.

    377 @ 3:06:61

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  12. 685 - 4:27:51
    Everything after 500 is pure FLOW
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  13. 2017 is looking good. Day 2 PB:


    GM @ 05:50:48
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  15. Shit just got real.
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  16. FeV


    Hmm, everyone is cutting times like nobody's business... it's time to get serious >:(
  17. Nah, NOW it got real. :p
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  18. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Finaly...It took you 7 years. Congratz for being today the only one player here who beats me everywhere.
    I can't come back on DEATH, I am trying but I can not.
  19. Muf


    Only solution: get a PCB.
  20. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    That's reminds me when I was Gm in 10:45 on TGM1. I was thinking that getting a PCB would allow me to get sub 10:30.
    If I was DEATH GM in 4:58 and Kevin at 4:45, here I would believe that MAME prevents me to beat Kevin and his PCB, but we both play like shit so the PCB just bring him a superficial bonus confort compared to my conditions.

    I will certainely not get PCBs in 2017 where I am playing less and less and progressing less and less. Too late :)
    My priorities now are : move tomorow to my new town, find a flat in this town where there is no available flat (because of fucking austrians), get a immigrant card, change my FR car plate to HU, open a 2nd Hungarian bank account, start my intensive formation in my new job (in both ENG/HU), start learning Russian, work on my new personnal project...
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