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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 29 Mar 2007.

  1. I just had a run m 8:12:95 where gold RO popped when I finished the game... I don't think I had bronze or silver. Do you necessarily need bronze and silver RO to get gold RO medal?
  2. New personal best! Only took 4 years. Played today (2015/03/09). Click image for video.
    8:23:91 GM, silver ST, silver SK, 223252 points

    As I remember it, each RO medal corresponds to 1/3rd of the game. You can get silver or gold without the preceding medals.
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  3. Nice run! Also sick J placement at 804 (7 minutes ish video time).
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  4. Nice TWF! Your 500 section was amusing, especially an O piece you walked down some steps on your stack

    I just got this and was excited to break sub 9:30 but apparently my record already beat that. Still, solid run and gold SK yay

    EDIT: this isn't a new best as it is a green line run :(
    It'd be a nice comment run tho!
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  5. New fastest M
    8:13:46, silver ST silver SK gold RO
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  6. [​IMG]

    Orange line this time. Not as solid as the previous run, so I'm confident I'll beat this soon
  7. Cut a few more seconds off:
    8:21:90 GM, silver ST gold SK gold RO
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  8. Nice! You're getting pretty close to my time! Keep it going, I'm sure you'll see the matrix :)
  9. ... What is your time, anyway? I honestly hadn't realized you had Master GM since it's not on the leaderboard. Only just found the Pier21 video of your 8:22:03. Congrats, by the way!
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  11. !!

    That precious M isn't as far away as it used to be.

    I'll upload the video soon

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  13. S9 @ 8:50:33

    The game went fairly smoothly with a good amount of tetrises all game.

    Last night I played for a while and I kept getting angry during the 0-300 sections because of simple misdrops. It made my entire play session sour. Then in two games this morning and I crank out what could've been an M solely by just finishing the game. I really need to work on my 0G execution and my attitude during the first half of the game and maybe most of my frustration with master mode will disappear.

    I normally feel like I'm a calm and collected person. It's strange what TGM can bring out of you.
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  14. [​IMG]
    S4 - 873 @ 10:42:50
    This is actually further than I've gotten in TGM1. Also skipped like three ranks from S1 to S4, haha
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  15. The difference between S1 and S4 is about roughly the difference between 2 and S1, so that one always feels good :D nice job!
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  16. Muf


    I was hoping for S7, but instead I shaved 11 seconds off my S6:

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  17. Muf


    putain de bordel de merde a cul de satan de mes couilles



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  18. Muf


    T-t-t-triple post! But this time I'm actually happy :D

    ORANGE LINE S8! :sowsuser:


  19. [​IMG]

    Close...I'll probably wait until I hit M before bothering to make a video.

    (this is orange line)
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