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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 29 Mar 2007.

  1. next stop: M

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  2. I saw the Arika logo... And then I topped out. Oops. Orange line's in sight.

    S8, 999 @ 9:46:88

    Edit: Oh yeah, and this was at 61.68hz.

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  3. First master clear!

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  4. I keep getting ~9:00 S8's. Feh!
  5. yeah baby!!!!


    Orange line
  6. [​IMG]

    minor improvement, Orange line

    S9s are still pretty rare but I'm clearing with ~9:00 times pretty consistently now, hitting 8:5x with S8 a couple of times. I feel like I'm a freak accident away from M lol, but I honestly don't know how many of the requirements I'm hitting usually
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  7. GM @ 8:17:38

    Second ever GM, and I finally did it with a good time!

    Added fumen for credit roll:
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  8. FeV


    Nice job, @eskatre ! You are making me want to play master again, because now you are beating me again (aside from the line which come on, means nothing in my case). Race to sub 8 GM? ;)
  9. I can't see this happening, I can barely get to 8:15 without GM so sub-8 would take a tremendous effort.
    Honestly, with that last PB, I felt like I could move on and stop playing Master for a while. Sorry :/
    I just want Death GM now
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    Ah no problem dude, good luck on that death GM then :)
  11. I think that's my first clear ever (well not exactly "clear", I got the green line :p)

    S8 @ 09:22:23 green line
    (score : 215473)

    I have a screenshot but I can't upload it right now for reasons unknown, I'll try again later
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  12. first game after the carnival:


    Orange line
  13. Jii


  14. I wanted a video for my PB game but I didn't clear the nvram when I played it so the replay doesn't work :(

    so instead I recorded an 8:50 Orange S8:

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  15. It seems an February's end I managed to get to the end of TAP Master for the first time, but got distracted and forgot to post here (blame work). I was desperate to see the fading roll in a run that was otherwise going poorly, hence no SK.
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  16. Not a grade PB, but I smashed my previous time PB. The first time I've got under 9min. An 8:55:20.

  17. Well, now I can finally update my signature and stop being embarrassed by the 10+min S9. I think my best sections at the moment are the awkward G sections, it feels strange that I've got to that point.

  18. Jii



    Get run like this then fail m roll like idiot within 20 seconds.
  19. S9 at 8:51.90. Orange. No point in mucking around with a screengrab, the M is close hopefully.

  20. Orange S9 in 8:57:21
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