Tournament: TC Blockbox Tetris League - SEASON 3 HAS ENDED

Thread in 'Competition' started by Rosti LFC, 5 Mar 2009.

  1. yea i forgot.
  2. I should be available tomorrow if all goes well. I'm not sure of your timezone but I'm up pretty late so I'm sure it'll work out.
  3. Corrosive over Ai 15-0
  4. Ai


    So much I need to learn on the multiplayer level. ggs Corrosive! ^^
  5. Blink crushes Calown: 15-0
  6. I wanna get in this league do i need to wait for this 'season' to end or can i sign up now? someone let me know. thanks.
  7. Ai


    I think Rosti_LFC decided to not allow new entrants at the moment. You will need to wait for the next season to start.

    But it's best to wait for a reply from Rosti_LFC. You never know. ^^
  8. I'll let you in, and you'll be in Div C.

    Won't actually add you to the official tables and stuff until Saturday because I don't have proper web access. You can play matches before then though and I'll add them in when I get home.
  9. goofer over AI 15-1

  10. Ai



    Lucky point as I most games were very short.


    Blink 15 - 0 Ai

    No comment. ^^
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  11. sjoecool1991 just told me on IRC that he isn't in the league anymore. Maybe remove him from the initial post?
  12. Thanks man thats awesome.
  13. awake over profane 15-0
  14. PedXing over myndzi 15-1
  15. Just over a week until all players with 0 matches are removed from the league.

    Firstly, I apologise in advance for the absolute havoc this is going to cause with promotions and demotions, because as it stands almost the entire second division is going to get wiped. Because of this it means that the league numbers are going to need to get equalised again, meaning a lot of players from division A will move down and a lot from division C will move up to bring them closer to 10 players each. Once I know exactly how many players are removed, I'll re-colour the league tables to reflect the number of promotion and demotion spots available.
    It's also quite possible that the top one or two players from Division C will get spots in Division A.

    Secondly, I know that you've been asking people to play matches En Fuego, so I'll make you exempt from being removed.
  16. kotetsu213 over Ai 15-0
  17. oh yeah... Rosti bt Ai 15-0
  18. clincher over simmarine 15-12

    ggs dude
  19. OK, started working out provisional promotion and relegation strategies. These will change if more Div B players end up getting off zero games played, if not then it's what I plan to use:

    Division A: 9th or lower relegated
    Division B: 1st place promoted ||| 4th or lower relegated
    Division C: 1st double promoted (to A) ||| 2nd-6th promoted

    This should leave each division with 10 players once the removed players are taken into account.
  20. clincher over Jes 15-11 ggs
    EDIT: Jes told hes in the league but i dont see him does he have an alternate nick or something?

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