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Thread in 'Competition' started by Chaos, 19 Nov 2007.

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    Since I've been tweaking out on getting my play to be faster, why not see who else will try it out. Inspired by the godly speed of uwadumi on youtube, post your times of how fast you can fill the 20 x 9 field.

    My personal best: 22.31


    Average right now is about 23.2, still working on a more comfortable speed, yet at the same time, trying to push it to be a little faster.
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  2. massi4h

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    Wow I was just gonna post the same thing.

    I still feel like I'm playing slow and I can't seem to put my max speed into this. But my best is 19:18, if you want proof I took a picture of a 19:88 a while ago. Normally I find without trying I can get 22-25, so I don't know why I'm not going any faster.
  3. From the videos thread.

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    Haven't tried doing these seriously in a while. I just got a 00:20:23 but my personal best is somewhere around 00:19:xx.
  5. Kamitra

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    34:71, and I'll leave it at that.
  6. [​IMG]

    This score is merely a starting point ,not my limits [​IMG]
  7. massi4h

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    Just played a bit last night, and guess what I got: 18:86!

    I took a photo with my camera, but checked later and it screwed up completely, which happens on my camera sometimes which is annoying. And when on my computer I can view the picture as a thumbnail but opening it doesn't show anything. I can try and show you guys a zoomed up version of the thumbnail if you want.

    Also, got a 17:75 with one cell empty at the top [​IMG] All I needed was to move my "I" right and press A before dropping it, but no I instant dropped it (as the two before it were instant dropped) and screwed myself up. That was also the only time I felt my speed was alright, I can't seem to get back to going fast anymore.

    Also I was getting constant 19:20-50's as well, probably at least 8 of those.
  8. i was messing around and i was around 22:00. I guess i'll take it seriously now. And yay!!!! something i can be apart of.
  9. jujube

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    22 seconds is good for messing around. i have to try pretty hard.
  10. caffeine, can you move me into the "1" of this topic ? i can offer the following list to TC.

    how's everything ? if you don't mind, i'll manage this topic ,too.

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  11. This doesn't look like it's a record thread. I can't move you to 1, but go ahead and make a new thread.
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    I can't move you to 1 either, but in Soviet Russia, I can move 1 to you (see my big bold edit).
  13. massi4h

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    OMFG those times are insane. I thought I was doing well, then theres that.

    Wait a sec, is that in Tetris DS? And I wanna see a video.
  14. johnberhenry

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    Z's are red,

    J's are blue;

    In Soviet Russia,

    Tetris plays YOU!!!

  15. [​IMG]

    I'm so proud of myself. Now i'm working on getting it done to 18:00
  16. hahaha [​IMG]
    however, i think my suggestion was rudeness that exhibits a lack of concern for all. sorry.

    well... video doesn't exit ,then sorry but, this list had some errors. to be accurate, the present world record is 00:14:18, not 00:14:38. however, i'm not sure how i prove that these records are reality. with only pictures, there's enough? [​IMG]
  17. jujube

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    i'm sure Chaos won't mind moving the leaderboard to his post if he comes back.

    and those pictures are good enough proof.
  18. Ai


    I tried this earlier today and I have to say it's incredibly difficult. Especially the last three lines. Currently my best time is 40:81. I'm going to post a photo later, but I hope I can get a time under 40:00 by then.

    I presume you can't use certain kind of missions as a starting point. Like the mission where you get all I pieces in the beginning. Right?

    Those top times are insane!

    I think there is a mistake in the rankings. Gangsta Fish posted a screenshot with a time of 19:46 and he mentioned he's aiming for 18:00. Not that he did it in 18:00 if I'm not mistaken.


    It seems there is someone with the nickname AI with a time of 26:23. When you add me later when I get a photo just use Ai without capital i for my time. ^^'

  19. don't worry Ai, you will get faster with more practice.
  20. Ai


    I succeeded in going under 00:40:00 a few moments ago.


    Still not good enough I'm afraid.

    To illustrate how bad I really am here are two photos taken on missions where I only received I tetrominoes. I didn't manage to break under 00:30:00 which I think is pretty sad.




    Thanks for your encouragement!

    Also I managed to get 00:28:00 using only I pieces that is! ^^

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