Tetris 99

Thread in 'Discussion' started by Tigeneer, 14 Feb 2019.

  1. Where we droppin boys... after how long we locking boys........ ah it's SRS we've got time no need to hurry
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. I ended with "a communication error has occurred" in every single game. Does anyone else have this problem?
  4. Never mind, today it works.
  5. It's a good game.
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  6. Tetris battle royale is now a thing I guess.
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  7. Don't have a Switch so haven't been able to get into this but seems massively reminiscent of TDS 4p mode on steroids - not surprised people are having a great time with it.

    Wish they'd add proper ranked matchmaking though so half my Twitter wouldn't be full of anyone who is half-decent or better at Tetris jacking off about how many wins they're consistently getting by beating up your average casual Tetris players. It'd also potentially pull me into buying a Switch.
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  8. Does anyone have a particular controller they like to use/would recommend?
  9. I use the fusion of two joycons. People are more comfortable with other controllers plugged through the Mayflash adapter, and nobody likes the Pro controller.
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  10. hi! I haven't been there since about 10 years now !
    love the game ! remind me the good old days of tds !
    happy to see there is still people from this era here !
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