Tetris Championship 2013

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by DonAtreides, 1 Jul 2013.

  1. I would definitely like to return. Hopefully qualifying is the same or similar -- A-Type for life, hehe.
  2. Is this happening again? I didn't see an official announcement anywhere.
  3. No official announcement yet, but there have been rumblings. In fact, we might be able to expect an announcement soon. :o
  4. Cool. Time to plan a west coast vacation. :)

    I need to dust off that NES controller. I haven't played much Tetris since MGC, probably a little rusty.

    ps. We should plan a Friday meetup at Ground Kontrol to play some pinball!
  5. Uh oh. They want your high score for pre-registration. Hmm...

    I'm pretty sure I'm going to go though, if even just to watch and take a vacation.
  6. @Mike: I'm game! Hoping they have some good pin at the convention this year as well. I had fun playing AFM, Corvette, one of the Dragon EMs (not the one with BAO, the other one :p), and so on.

    @Don: Pre-registration is just so they can get an idea of how many people are coming out and what the scores out there are like. It's not going to factor into your qualifying. :)
  7. Hmm... in that case I should submit my current high score and trick everyone into a false confidence. ;) To really take advantage of that though, I suppose I'd have to stop sucking at Tetris. I see now the flaw in my plan...
  8. This is going to be a last minute decision for me. I had been planning going if it was going to take place, so this more likely a "yes" for me. If I do, it will actually be my first flight. For reals. o_O
  9. Flying is no big deal. If you can handle a boring roller-coaster you can handle flying. In fact, the take-off and landing are the only interesting parts. And it's probably safer than a roller-coaster to boot.
  10. On the sad news front, I don't think I'll be able to make it this year after all. ;( Just as well though I suppose as my skills are still lacking. So it look like 2014 will have to be my year...
  11. i will be there again this time- and i love that it is in my hometown!

    sorry to hear you guys wont be making it, i would love to meet you all in person.
  12. So I wonder what the rules changes are going to be?

    I always thought in the final rounds it would be nice if each players got the same pieces. This COULD be done but I don't think it will.

    I guess the only other change I would like to see are BIGGER TV'S THAT SHOW THE CORRECT COLORS!! (I'm old and blind, lol). Call out to the Portland gaming community to see if anybody can bring those nice Sony flat screen CRTs.

    Also I think before the final round the losers of the semi final round should compete for 3rd and 4th place. (best 2 out of 3 games)
  13. i love the idea of placing competitors other than just the top 2 (and BTW congrats, mike!). i am in the area and could potentially deliver 2 bigger (35") TVs. i have no idea who to get a hold of to help though. these could at least serve for the finals.
  14. Cool ideas Mike. Is there any potential of live-streaming on Twitch or similar for those of us that can't make it?
  15. I'm definitely planning to attend this year for the first time. I sent an email to them but I haven't gotten any reply. The website for the event still isn't updated. I get the sense this event is bit of a last minute organizational job. I'd like to see the event become bigger and better organized.
  16. the guy that organizes it basically does it alone and for free/little pay. i don't blame him for doing it last minute- i would be more upset if it didn't happen at all. i don't think they are doing an email response for all the entrants, and i think i saw a facebook post today saying the website had been updated. check it again maybe?

    i am excited to put faces to all these names i see on here. i will definitely be there.
  17. I decided to ride my motorcycle 400+ miles to go to Geek.Kon....I have not ridden more then 90 miles in the last five years, and it has been broken down for most of those last five years. I think I can make it, though! :twisted:

    You are coming from Portland??? Were you at PRGE for the CTWC last year?
  18. @oh shit, josh just called me out.

    yeah, i am making the long trip from portland. it is literally fifteen blocks from my house (lucky me- i keep hearing all of you that have to save money to get here- HA) i was there last year but stumbled into the convention hungover and not having played in a decade. i didnt even show up for the second day (although i did qualify in the 32- barely). i will be there in force this year so watch your shit sir.

    that said, i REALLY AM EXCITED to meet you all. you may not like me since i am kinda an asshole, but bear w/me. also, if anyone needs a place to crash, i have two beds- one of which is actually comfortable- that you can stay on free of charge. let me know!

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