Tetris Concept is Retiring (just kidding)

Thread in 'Discussion' started by caffeine, 23 Jun 2009.

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    Consider DIGITAL. We're throwing away the memory of his tenure on this forum by just letting it expire like this.

    Caff, you're forgetting how much history TC would lose if the forums were to simply disappear. I learned so much about this site and its members just by poking around in the old logs and from having lurked here before. I'd like to see new members getting that same chance.
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    Re: Tetris Concept is Retiring

    I wonder if the presence of the T-word in the domain is part of it:
    The name doesn't have to match exactly for a "confusion" or "dilution" claim to succeed. One of the TETRIS registrations is for "Entertainment services, namely, providing on-line computer games; Providing information on-line relating to computer games and computer enhancements for games". That could be stretched into covering forums.

    But it worries me more that the top two non-sticky topics in General at the time I post this are
  3. Muf


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    I haven't read too much into it but I seem to recall there's an exception for fan clubs. Just like something like startrekfansforum.com would be perfectly fine as a name.
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    Re: Tetris Concept is Retiring

    I respect your decision to move on caffeine. But I really do hope you hand over this place to the people willing to take care of it.

    And good luck with all the things you do. ^^
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    I grew up and evolved on TC [​IMG] How hard would it be to just give someone the database backup or just make them site admin? And there are 2 tournaments going on atm [​IMG]
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    You think that we're giving caffeine too much credit by suggesting that if copyright and trademark trouble was involved he would have just said that?
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    aww caff, keep the site up ...... we've all become like family here. whatever the problem is, nothing can't be fixed. tell us what's wrong and let's come up with a better solution.
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    Not initially, but that's a very good point. I can't say what happened to TetrisLovers.com wouldn't have happened to TC if I hadn't been sensitive towards clone and emulation stuff.

    I've got no problem linking to anyone's new and fantastic Tetris fan site for the rest of this domain's lease.
    Remember that tetrisconcept.com is my hobby. It's something I've done with my free time. It has personal meaning to me in that it helps people learn about the game. That's the whole point of it. That goal has been acheived and will persevere through Wikia. I'm no longer interested in keeping up with this hobby. It's time for me to retire tetrisconcept. To just trust someone else to what I've worked on all these years, something that has earned a good reputation, feels wrong and forced. Please, please, please, make your own site! It'll feel good once you do...
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    Re: Tetris Concept is Retiring

    Oh, so when Jimmy quits Wikipedia, the people he leaves behind aren't allowed to call it Wikipedia anymore, because it was his hobby? Come on caffeine.
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    That's all I wanted to hear really.

    Thank you for all that you've done for us all these years. It's a shame that you're shutting down TC, but it's not the end.
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    I think it's become many other people's hobby too, not just yours. All the frequent forum posters and wiki contributors. TC isn't a static page which you have written everything on, if it was, no-one would whine about you throwing it into the trash bin. :\

    But thank you for this community anyways. For the time I've been here, it's one of the best things that's happened to me on the Internet. It's the first non-Swedish gaming community i joined too. But still, I find stuff you say and the reasons you give us a bit ego.
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    Caff: This is a forum... it pretty much runs itself. Honestly how much of this "free time" have you put into setting it up?
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    Take the recent spam problem. That was two nights I didn't hang out with my girlfriend because I wanted to fix the spam problem. I tried installing three different mods, but that wound up creating more problems that I have yet had time to address. It takes time to run the site, I promise you.
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    I think you underestimate the resources of the community. I'm not sure if you've heard his offer or not but I believe DeHackEd made a custom spam solution that was worked fine for years at TASvideos and he's offered to do the same to our forum. So a 2 evening job for you could be turned into minutes by delegating to others.
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    If he was okay with delegating things to others he'd have given us the database dumps already.
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    Re: Tetris Concept is Retiring

    Wikis have "forums" of a sort in the form of pages that run in thread mode. A wiki running MediaWiki software has a talk page for every article. Topics might get started on a "general discussion" page (like WP:Village pump or WP:Help desk on Wikipedia) and lead to the creation of new articles. So the community might just end up on Wikia.
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    I accept the fact that you want to move on and don't want to be forever TC's admin. But...

    I don't understand you caffeine. About the passing on of the torch. It's like, building a museum, watching it grow, evolve and turn into a magnificient collection and putting a note that everything is going to be destroyed, and you have two week to take photographs of the works of art.

    Is it really that hard to give a SQL dump of the forum database ? As others already said, while it's true that you started it (and must be praised for doing that), your child slowly flew on its own wings, and the major life of this site is now made by the community. Not giving the proper means of the community to migrate is something really inappropriate.

    tepples: dedicated forums >>>>> "forumized" wiki.
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    caffeine, I think you should trust your creation to someone else. If you're not prepared to keep it up and let it take the next steps of development, then let someone else do it. I can't personally see anyone who is offering to take over making decisions that are going to wreck this place and screw it up.

    If you've taken it as far as you're prepared to go, you should pass the torch on to someone else, not drop it. It's what happens in business, and in all forms of life. It is said that a lot of small businesses flounder and fail because of the original creator's unwillingness to let something they are so sentimentally attached to be under someone else's control. I don't want to see that happen to TC.

    I really think if things keep going as they are then TC will keep growing and growing. If you let this die, then in a year or two it'll be forgotten by everyone who isn't here right now. If you let someone else take it on then at the very least it can be known that a site as big as I think it will be, will have been originally created and nurtured by yourself.

    I ask you to let someone else continue TC, because I think you will be proud of what it will become.
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    I'll help out with a new site or even taking this one over if I'm wanted.

    I ask you to consider the following, no more:

    In the time I've been here, I:

    - Successfully petitioned for the only public TGM3 in the world outside of Japan
    - Ran the only TGM tournament ever outside of Japan
    - Evangelized both this forum and the name of TGM at a very popular anime convention
    - Have worked ceaselessly to publicize this forum, and have tried to expand the community
    - Have organized multiple real life community meetings

    Caffeine, can you please delay the site closure until July 18th? I would really like to leave the URL up until then as all my advertisements point to the site. Please please please? I'll pay you. I'll write an apology to your girlfriend. I don't care what I have to do, I'd just really like to you wait until then. Please?

    I would have thought you would be kind enough to offer dumps of the forum DB at least, but I guess not. :G Please reconsider this.

    It's been good here but if the site and centralized community go I probably won't stick around much. I've devoted about 1.5 years of my life to this fucking game and community and it really breaks my heart to see it go. Who knows, I might pull a Digital.

    Thanks for hosting the forum and community, but no thanks for refusing to let someone take over the site because it "wouldn't feel right". I know you don't owe us anything, but if you really care about the community I'd be surprised to hear that you don't want to have someone else who is interested in helping it flourish do so.
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    Also, I know you're leaving it up for a little bit so we can get important things from the forum, but there are 33078 posts. To re-iterate something I said earlier in IRC: "Expecting us to weed through that many posts and hope we've got everything we may want to refer to at a later date is more than a little bit daft." I really would hope that you will provide the current database.

    Whatever happens, thanks for hosting one of the best communities out there for all these years. See you at TC2...

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