Records: Tetris & Dr. Mario (Mode A)

Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 10 Jun 2009.

  1. Neither here nor there, but here is 214 lines of Level 31 (121k).

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  2. You realize, of course, this is the exact proof of concept that leads to the semi-logical conclusion that, yes, IT can be done...and you know what I mean. O_O
  3. Since no one is ever going to play this, I will just show it off. (This is my modded version of SNES Tetris to make it look like NES.)

    Play against the computer on Hard, and you face a surprise opponent! Do you recognize this SNES Tetris master???

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    Thank you a lot Simba I have used your leaderboards which were 95% updated...
    I am sorry I could not keep your links to videos, I have never understood how to create these links since the forum has changed with a new format.

    Please from now players, remind me which version (PAL/NTSC) you are using. Eventually in the future I may split the leaderboards.
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    I am not pretencious at Tetris. No I am not.
    Or if I am pretencious, I can make sometimes derision with honesty on the game to balance :

    In June, I have met the french specialist who is known for upgrading SNES with switchless universal function : "FFVI Man"
    He and his friends were playing Tetris & Dr Mario when I arrived at his flat, I had a console to upgrade...
    FFVI Man dominated me in battle : 3-0 ; 3-2
    If you meet this guy somewhere in France, in a video game event for example (STUNFEST, etc....) : remind him this fact and try to make a fight with him !

    The conclusion is that TGM can make a player overconfident on Tetris, but doesn't make him omnipotential with Tetris in general...You can anytime meet an outsider who can stun you by surprise..
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  6. during my warm up tonight at the denver tetris league competition i set a new high score for me: 667,988. the whole experience was great, and there was a grip on great players. i got lucky enough to win, but the guy i had to beat was a straight up BEAST (joel spencer).
  7. Thoosaa! Awesome job, man!

    It may interest you all to know that I came across a PAL player in my youtube comments that claims a million+ score, and while he did it "years ago" and has no proof, he did convince me he was legit.

    I've officially broken the 400 line barrier with a 406, and I also got my second 700+ game recently. Both my 700 games were done with nearly 400 lines....I've got no idea how people are managing it with less than 300! :p lol

    I've got a video of the 406 and I may upload it if I don't do anything better any time soon, but I got my eyes set on 800k and 500 lines ;)
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  8. They have a SNES tournament here in my new hometown of Denver... ever should you want to make the jaunt out here we could host you. I would love to see your skills, and get some pointers!
  9. I am surprised and delighted to hear that there is still an active Denver Tetris community. I first heard about it years ago.

    Here's a tip: Level 29 is not the end. Nor is it the beginning of the end. It is merely the end of the beginning. lmfao

    And to go off on a little tangent, it seems to me that back in the day, I could survive NES Level 19-28, but I couldn't really go fr Tetris--they were only built up when I let the game get away from me, and I was lucky if I got them. So now that I've proven to myself that I can survive SNES 29-31, I've quit worrying about surviving and actually try to "play" it (since getting the 406). So far it hasn't worked out, but then again, it takes twenty minutes to get there, and that's a long investment just to die stupidly.
  10. Bumping the thread with my new PB, I'm happy because I got a final Tetris in the killscreen XD

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    I must show this to my friend...The way you become hysteric at the end is awesome.
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    I have watched this 5 times...I hope you will make more live video.
  14. That's likely the case. The games are identical in terms of frame timings, with the only difference being 50Hz vs. 60Hz. The framerate difference works out to PAL playing at ~83.33% speed of NTSC, but other than the thinking/reaction time advantage, both are bound by similar constraints when playing at Level 29+ speed.
  15. Since I don't have a NES and don't want to play on Emulator anymore I played a bit of SNEStris the last couple days (On a big Full HD TV tho).
    Record is 596.395 with 285 lines.

    Definitly gonna go for that 600k barrier.
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  17. 1,186,128 pts
    712 lines
    (with Super Famicom[JPN] console)
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    What ?
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