Records: [Texmaster] Novice, Normal, Advance and Doubles

Thread in 'Competition' started by rednefed, 16 Jan 2009.

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    Oh thank you a lot Qlex!
    Billtsar: these are the targets I currently try to beat. But this still very hard (I cleared 0-500 under five minutes only twice as far as I remember, though I've played zillion games).
  2. Nice one man. Enjoy your day of infinite happiness =)
  3. COL


  4. Long time no see! Congrats on your day of infinite happiness!
  5. Tnx guys, just as I thought i was gonna spend my whole free wednesday playing texmaster, my laptop died ! What a bummer.
  6. #1 first is my record

    #2 for the lolz 126015 points gm :p


    (Found some old dusty desktop in the closet)
  7. against the sweat in my hands


    Congrats goofer! ;)
  8. COL


    This is perfectly normal B)
  9. Finally advance as well:

  10. Nice!! I find it much harder than Normal mode, even though it's easier than TGM+. Good job!
  11. [​IMG]

    15 secs off my best time. almost no holes until level 900, then i messed up which causes a bad last section time ..
  12. 9:43:88

    Nothing worth to mention about this game except for the fact that I usually restart with such a terrible 0-100.

  13. billtsar : Nice run! Not trying to downgrade your game (actually it's quite the opposite from my perspective), but I think with this game you can kind of understand why I still play a game with a terrible first section. Not everyone does it the same way though :D

    thoosaa, I thought your runs were pretty good! I'm not having enough time to commentate on the little bits and details but it feels like you've got the main idea going. I'd like to get back to making commentary videos, so I guess I'll have to put stuff on the list in order to talk about stuff in one month or so. No promises though ;)
  14. Actually in games that I do 1:05 the next section is somewhere near 1:02 most of the times so it seems to be no big deal. Anyway, a time of 5:00 in 0-500 corresponds (according to other players games) to less than 4:40 in 2nd half so there's where I have to push.
  15. COL


    Nice play!
    Now it is all about avoiding blunders. Please note that if you're able to do 55 seconds on average on every section from 500, you clear 500-1000 in 4:35. So the 4:40 limit is in fact beatable.
  16. Congrats drpete !!! Enjoy the moments of infinite happyness ;)
    Ill watch the replay

    what's your next goal ?
  17. COL


    Good job Pete! 30 tetrises and 170k+ is pretty good espevially for a first Gm!

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