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Thread in 'Competition' started by rednefed, 16 Jan 2009.

  1. I mean I don't know whether it's endless or not; we just didn't see any actual credits scrolling by, so we have no idea how long it's supposed to last xD. (more important is the fact that the timer keeps ticking...)

    problem with time attack is that you basically have to screenshot it right as you hit 300 since the timer doesn't freeze at all. And be careful not to hit F6 in the process...
  2. Ai


    I'm fine with both; see what works best for you guys and make sure to let me know how you want the leaderboard ranked. I could accept both methods of play and point out in the comment section what the focus when playing. ^^

    Welcome to the forum and nice grade in Normal mode. It looks like we'll see more progress from you soon. It took me about 6 months to get S6. Good luck and have fun! ^^
  3. The credits used to roll. That's how I got the 7:26 time with my brother way back then. Now I guess you've unearthed a lurking bug in Texy.
  4. Got S7 twice so here's my favourite

    Managed to put those videos on Youtube Yay!

    The beginning was mind-blowingly awful, my stacking def needs some more practice.

    The line piece and I are now friends! I wouldn't say the same about the T block. Especially during section 6.

    Overall : I think I need advice. I could get more by playing even more often, but right now I can't do some Tetris rampage two days in a row.

    Thank you very much in advance! ^^
  5. Reached S3 today :D
  6. man i hate Novice..
    472882 @ 3:28:58
  7. I would really like to help out when I get a chance, but right now I'm catching up on schoolwork. I'll try my best to get back to this once I've taken care of a good chunk of my workload. If I don't get back to you, you could try swinging by IRC some time: there is usually at least one person hanging out that has free time and wouldn't mind giving some pointers.
  8. No problem! I'm in the middle of a competitive exam so I really don't mind.

    Thanks for the advice by the way
  9. S4 now:D
  10. Solid improvement, keep going!

    Here's another S7.

    I felt way better during that one, but I can't explain why I topped so fast, I can only blame the randomizer. I feel there's been a huge mistake during the second half, but I don't see what it was

    If you want to give advice, you don't have to watch the entire video. Start from 6:25 and say if you spot a huge flaw from that point.

    Thank you very much in advance!
  11. I eventually got GM (in 12:40-12:50 or so), but my texmaster was full of replays so I can't provide the video.

    Boy am I happy right now!

    will try to get something faster than 12 minutes to begin with.

    ... Actually, to begin with, I have an exam tomorrow and I really should go back to sleep O_O
  12. Excellent! :D Enjoy your day of infinite happiness.

    Sorry I haven't been able to make good on my promise to write up advice yet. :s I haven't forgotten! The semester is almost over, so I won't have any excuses then. :p If you'd rather have advice on a more current game, just let me know.

    Also, are you sure that your Texmaster replay file is full? I've heard of problems with them randomly deciding to not save any more games, but they should be able to hold up to 999 replays when they're behaving.
  13. I think that if I am not making progress anymore, or I am satisfied with what I'm doing, I'll put something on YouTube.

    Provided I'm RARELY satisfied with what I'm doing, expect some asking in the future ^^

    Right now it's ok! Ai gave me some nice advice during my mission to reach GM. Besides, I think I'll just practice alone for some time.

    Oh, and for the 999 replays : Just put in there my 300 ragequits at my computer randomly deciding to forget my input, my 300 replays of sudden TI where I last 30 seconds, 300 replays that are actually me striving for Normal GM, and 99 replays of complete randomness.

    It's cool though, I just erased everything useless so I don't think I'll have that problem again.
  14. Ai


    Congratulations with the Gm grade Qlex! After watching your play in the videos you uploaded it was clear you would get Gm if you managed to reach the end. I wish you good luck with your other goals! ^^
  15. [​IMG]
    I want a PCB
    Btw, is my second half too slow? Should I be working on that?
  16. Your second half should be around 5 minutes or less. It should be significantly shorter than the first half.
  17. Ai


    When I was practicing for a sub 11 minutes time I was aiming for 0-500 in about 05:40 and 500-999 near 05:20. You can try to improve your sub 20G time, but like KevinDDR mentions above there's more room to improve your 20G time. In the game above average time per 20G section is a little over 01:06. You need to get it down to at least 01:04.

    Use Texmaster for practice and attempt to get as close as possible to 1 minute playing 900-999. When you're able to do this consistently, start playing 800-999 and aim for a time under 02:05. Afterwards 700-999 under 03:10. Finally I made the jump to 500-999 in about 05:15. When you're getting comfortable with the above targets try do 700-999 in under 05:05 and 500-999 under 05:10. Switch back to TGM and use the 20G code to time attack the 20G mode. Normally you'll be able to get times sub 11 minutes quite easily (Gm may be a little harder) if you can do the 500-999 section under 05:20 in Texmaster. Currently I'm trying to get 20G section times under 1 minute more frequently which is hard since the stacking must be very stable and clean to clear tetrises.
  18. Advance: 999 @ 10:51:83

    Much easier than TGM+.
  19. Got a couple S9 that could have been GM under the 12 minutes limit (died at 950 or so), so I might eventually give you some GM videos.

    Problem is, I alternate really bad plays and really decent ones. Before my near GM play, I got like 4 twice, then S5 at like 600, then S9 at 950. I tried again after having a short break and I died at 200 or something. I really shouldn't make such an emphasis on speed >_>

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