Records: [Texmaster] Special and Sudden Ti

Thread in 'Competition' started by aperturegrillz, 27 Feb 2008.

  1. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm


    Holy crap, I'm on a roll today.

    Credit roll survived by a hair. Not that it matters.
  2. [​IMG]

    Well, let's go better next time. See the end roll grade to understand what I mean.
  3. Not going to congratulate you until you at least get it under seven minutes.
  4. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    yes..Because except the m roll where you did it fine and agressive, the rest of the game is something me and Rosti are able to perform way better..the TI grading system seems to really like you kevin..

    But anyway, it is still a M and nothing else so bravo..
  5. kx5



    Man, took a fairly long tetris hiatus to...StarCraft :o. But I think I'm getting back into the swing of things.
  6. M9 - 6:01:63

    Knocking off 15 seconds isn't much of a consolation :(
  7. [​IMG]
  8. KEKEKEKEKE ZERG RUSH ^___________^

    I'd like to thank Digital for his awesome Termino Velocity skin. It was the driving force behind this.

    Edit: At Rosti's request, this is 500 @ 2:48.03
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  9. How? I'm going to ban using the skin if it has performance enhancing effects :|

    Also, post the actual final score as well, not just a video.
  10. Digi's skin is most definitely tetris steroids. Without a doubt.

    How do you think he got S13 so easily? And why is he so afraid to play on a Ti cab? It's cause he won't have the skin, of course.
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  11. I thought Digital played with a keyboard, and that is why he is afraid to play on a Ti cab.
  12. upy


    Then just hook the keys in a plain keyboard to the jamma connectors :D
  13. I don't think I'll catch up anytime soon. But here's an improvement.
    Sudden Ti, 962 @ 4:32:11

  14. I dunno about that. That's looking pretttty solid to me. It's really not that much of a difference between 962 and 1100+.
  15. DAMN!
    1200 speed is feeling really good now.
  16. Dammit, don't post records that look legit when you've not started from 0

    I was halfway through adding that until I got to the time and wtf'd at the fact that it was 4:24.
  17. [​IMG]
  18. Rosti - sorry about that. You should have noticed it was a grade reduction though :p

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