Records: [Texmaster] Special & Sudden

Thread in 'Competition' started by orz, 14 May 2008.

  1. Thanks
    Hehe yeah, that was close!
    What sucks is that I don't have the replay to analyze my game: I'm playing on ubuntu where Texmaster crashes after every single game and doesn't save the replays...
  2. Agggh, bummer! Yikes, I didn't know things were so messed up on other platforms, haha.
  3. Ai


    You can delete your own posts. This is what you need to do: EDIT--> Go Advanced --> "Delete this Message" tab can be found just above where you edit posts. But don't worry just leave it. By the way almost there.

    So close to M Deeem2031 and Tarto! ^^
  4. Figured I'd post a few records since I'm a member... best game of Sudden (mostly what I'm working on since once 20G comes together, so will the rest of my TGM game)


    PS: Just noticed I broke 40s for the first time...
  5. [​IMG]

    Finally broke the torikan :D
  6. orz


  7. Ai


    In case you're wondering why I edited the first post again. I just corrected a few names.

    And great job Free!
  8. orz


  9. thx :) now for gm^^ maybe another 2 years of play? we'll see
  10. Can you update mine too please?
  11. orz


    i thought someone had updated your score before that is why i didnt do it anyway thread updated
  12. COL


  13. Now that the clone ban is over:
    (Damn it, why not 500?! o_O)

    Happened after a random round B)
  14. Ban's over???

    Well then...


  15. orz


  16. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm


    Oh it's good to be able to post this now.

    Yes there's a vid. Maybe later.
  17. Ai


    Excellent DeHackEd!! ^^
  18. Congrats, can't wait for the vid :D!
  19. If the ban is truly over, here goes.

    Gm, 999 @ 6:18:75 (13 tetr*s)

    My laptop doesn't play nice with the newest version of texy, and I was never awarded Gm... strange? I was one piece away from finishing with a bravo, too. By the way, my play may look a little strange as I was playing without sound.


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