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  1. Hi y'alls,

    So, as I said in the introduction thread, I am quite new to TGM, playing it daily these days ( playing TGM1 ruleset mostly ) on either NDS_TGM or TGM1/NullPo/Heboris on PC. Here is the question I have. For some reason, I do stack quite better and reach higher level on NDS_TGM than any of the PC clones.

    Getting to mid 300s on NDS_TGM is common ( 50% ) of the time. Getting to 300 on PC is rare'ish. My quesiton is, could that be due to input lag, or is NDS_TGM more easy by having it's timing more loose. I play it in TGM1 mode which I know is not a perfect clone but when I play TGM1 on mame, have this feeling that he is stuck in goo... I also get the feeling that the 'pre-buffering' of DAS is harder to get consistantly.

    TLDR: is NDS_TGM a lot more easier or it comes from my PC setup ? Nontheless, I'll continue practicing for sure. On my PC I use a custom made Sanwa based stick or a SNES controller. I'm getting better with the stick. I'll keep on pushing for sure!

    Cheers y'alls!

    My best in NDS_TGM was lvl 441.
    My best in NullPo is lvl 391.
  2. I don't know much about NDS_TGM, but I can tell you that TGM when emulated has a few frames of input lag. NullpoMino also has a substantial amount of input lag. If you want a lag-free way to play TGM1, you can download the clone Shiromino and play a couple TGM modes there. Shiromino has minimal input lag, and the difference is night-and-day compared to NullpoMino and TGM1 on MAME.

    Be aware that clones may have inaccuracies in speed timings and other mechanics. As far as I know, Shiromino's TGM1 modes have an issue with speed timings, which makes getting the time requirements more difficult. NullpoMino has issues with TGM rotation rules, specifically with dropping inputs. This may not be noticeable in early play, but it is very detrimental in later play. NDS_TGM may have inaccuracies, but I don't know. Just letting you know for everything else.
  3. Thanks for pointing out Shiromino, it is indeed a lot easier due to input lag :) That's fun. I was able to hit lvl 4XX on my second game & I got an S1 for the first time!!! =)

    Thank y'all, will continue the grind.
    Next objective is get to 500!!! :)
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