TGM players in the UK?

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  1. If so, do you know of any locations in which I could play it.
  2. VEGA in London has a Ti, but frankly it's a garbage cabinet and isn't really worth it unless you're in the area already. Both sides have fucked controls in some form, it's not a real kit, and it's a shitty Chinese LCD cab.
    If you want to play on board your best bet is probably to come up to either me or @Archina; I have TGM1 and he has all three. As far as we know, there are no other public TGM cabs (I've heard about a TGM1 in Blackpool, but many many years ago.)

    Where are you based?
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  3. Also, when I was there in December 2018 it was (still, according to other people) broken. I sincerely doubt it got repaired in the mean time for all the reasons Oliver mentioned. (They got some neat Bemani Games tho ^^)
  4. I was there the other week, it's definitely working again.
    Puzzle Bobble on the other hand is broken (the screen was fucking up last time I was there before that, so I'm not surprised). One of the Pop'n cabs was stuck in boot, and the MUSECA coin mech was (I assume, there was a note saying to use virtual coin only) either broken or disabled. IIDX stole a 50p from me.
    Interestingly enough I distinctly remember them saying they had lost the keys to the Ti cab which was why they never fixed the controls, switched it out of what was supposed to me a temporary free play from three years ago, or swapped it out for a Street Fighter II as they originally planned after interest was lower than they expected. I guess they found them now, but no idea if they still plan to swap it.
    For what it's worth, Jamie spoke to them when he was last there and they apparently expressed interest in a TGM1 setup with actual good cabinets.
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  5. Well that's a surprise, but a very pleasant one. Then apparently my knowledge is outdated.
    (Assuming things are still similar to what they were).
    MUSECA and Reflect Beat are only usable using their "own" Paseli System, so yes your guess was right.
    It's easy to get top-up credit but a little trickier to get a new players card if the actual owner isn't there and you have to ask someone from the slots place to get you a card.
    You then have to register online somewhere (thankfully someone helped me with that, wouldn't figured that out myself).
    Also IIDX is, like everything else, 1GPB so you'd have to throw in a second one to get to play (using Paseli is cheaper tho if you're interested).

    To get back on topic: I sincerely hope the TGM1 setup will become a thing.
    Then I'd also have a reason to spend some time to get there and play some more (Cambridge is further than I hoped :( ).
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  6. Mhm. I meant that I put a coin in and nothing happened, so I had to spend £1.50
    Just a note that when I was there in 2017 the person upstairs was very adamant I not go anywhere near that area because I was technically too young to gamble at the time (still am, really). Very annoying considering the change machine downstairs was broken and I only had cash on me, so I was restricted to playing just Ti. Both me and Lavender were telling them the machine was broken and I just wanted change and they would not budge.
  7. Yeah, I spoke to them back in October (before I flew off to the US) and offered to buy their Ti and Puzzle Bobble kits yet they declined for both. They said Ti was up for repairs (to which is seems that finally happened) and I can't remember what they said about Puzzle Bobble. I did say I'd get them a TGM1 PCB for cheap if I happened to come across one though to which they seemed quite keen (I showed them TGM1 and TAP on MAME, explained pricing as well as general skill levels and they said yes to TGM1 yet no to TAP.) I also gave them pointers on where to source decent cabs from around the EU to which they also seemed interested. Whether they follow on the however... I'm unsure. Like mentioned earlier we have high suspicions their Ti setup is fake yet if they were willing to sell I could double check it myself as I know what a legit one looks like.

    Though anyway, @TBMP you're pretty much out of luck unless you want to play on a poor cabinet in London, head over to Derbyshire to say hello to @Oliver and I (neither of us own cabs, yet I have all 3 games on supergun into a BVM :D ) or the possibility of another UK meetup at some point in the future.
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  8. Alan confirmed it was fake to Alex when he was over in 2017

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