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  1. Me again,

    meant to mention that there is an arcade expo (the first in the UK) on 19th july in Northampton that has 150 candy cabs on free play after admision - anyway, in the games list it states that TGM1 is goint to be there.

    Might be a good time for a lot to play it on an actual cab!


    damn it's gonna be embarrasing struggling on it in public!
  2. Yeah, I've already got my ticket (for Saturday IIRC).

    See you there [​IMG]

    I'll be wearing an Arika shirt, so shouldn't be too hard to spot.
  3. i'm going on sunday myself,

    That's a shame - would've been great to watch a GM play live so to speak, and maybe get some constructive critisism of my games!

    Oh well, i'm sure they'll be plenty more players there better then me!

    I'll look out for your initials on the high score board - hopefully they won't wipe when the machine is turned off that night - what will your three letter signature be?

    Have a good one!

    Anyone else going?
  4. Ex_Mosquito will be there on Sunday, who is also a Gm player.

    My initials will be RST.
  5. tmc

    tmc Unregistered

    Rosti - what did you think of insert coin?

    Saw your GM rank on the scoreboard sunday, tell me you didn't manage to get it with the buttons the wrong way round!!!

    I got there and was about to give up on TGM until Ex_Mosquito got one of the staff to switch the buttons around the right way for us -still think the stick was a bit sticky mind - (my excuse anyway!)

    Ex-Mosquito - sorry i didn't get chance to say goodbye, Thanks for showing me how it's meant to be done and for being an all round top guy to a stranger on Sunday!

    By the way - what was that PCB site you were talking about? I thought you said it was Sophia court or something like that but i searched and can't find it - i must have the name wrong, i'll blame it on the Welsh accent!!!

    Thanks again,

  6. Ai


    And nice job Rosti!
  7. I would have asked them to switch the buttons around but I couldn't be bothered making any sort of fuss over it. So yeah, my Gm was actually done with the buttons being A, C and then B on the bottom row. Took quite a few runs for me to get used to using my thumb to rotate right instead of my middle finger. The stick felt weird, but I couldn't really figure out what was quite up with it.

    I thought Insert Coin overall was pretty good. Had a nice chat with Lordstar, got my t-shirts, and found I wasn't queuing that much for cabs. Got to play a few random games I'd never heard of before, but also had a run on Ketsui and a few others which was nice.

    My only complaint, as I said on IRC yesterday, was that I thought they should have discouraged credit-feeding a little more. I couldn't be bothered waiting for people to just put in dozens of credits and get to the end of Ikaruga and a few of the other more popular shmups. If they were good enough to do it through skill I'd at least be able to enjoy watching, but when they're dying constantly not so much.
  8. Ai


    Nice time under those conditions. Looks like the leaderboard was reset before the event. And maybe even during the event as it's hard to believe that no one got a grade better than S1.

    If that's 88 at the end in your time then it would be an amazing coincidence:

    35--Ai---------------------Gm - 999 @ 12:37:88 - 05/16/09
  9. I doubt it, seeing as that picture was taken pretty early on.
  10. tmc

    tmc Unregistered

    S7 from ex-mosquitto was the 2nd and 3rd places on the scoreboard at the end of the show.

    The cab was getting a slow but steady stream of players throughout the day, but very few people who seemed that dedicated to the game in general.

    To me it looked like the cab that people casually drifted onto to take a break from the bullet hell shooters, that's no bad thing though - I think it found it's niche just nicely and the lineup would have been that little bit more hollow without it.

    From a personal point of veiw - it was great to play on a cab rather then emulation, but it just reinforced, to me anyway, just how good ZinC holds up through emulation - then again i'm probably not good enough to notice the 1 frame of lag anyway!

    I did find though that on the full size cab the preview piece was just outside my periferal vision and i kept having to consciously look up then back to the playfield - just not used to that i guess.

    Rosti - i'm guessing the circular gate on the sanwa was why it felt so weird maybe?

    Some funny comments from people chatting to each other playing mind - I heard one guy telling his mate that the first place on the scoreboard was of someone who had been playing for over 12 and a half hours! maybe that explains that lack of other high rated games on the saturday eh! Heard someone else swear blind that it was 'impossible' to get a long piece down the side after level 4. Hell, they all seemed to be enjoying it though - so who am i to laugh!
  11. I've been playing TGM1 for more than 12 and a half hours. Way more.

    On that day however, I played roughly 6 or 7 games total. Most of them were crap, I had one run I screwed up and entered in as "CCC" and then I got used to the controls and pulled out a Gm.
  12. Muf


    I think he means people mistook the minute counter for an hour counter.
  13. I thought he meant I'd been hogging the machine for the entire Saturday and that's why I'd gotten a good time. Even then I don't think Insert Coin was open for 12 hours each day.
  14. tmc

    tmc Unregistered

    No - I meant they saw the 12:30ish minute counter and assumed that to achieve GM rank some 'hardcore' nut had been playing on one game for over 12 and a half hours!
  15. I'm assuming that's Ex Mosquite and tmc?

    Also, did any of you guys try out the dog-walking game? Easily the most bizarre (and also at some points tiring) game I've ever played.
  16. tmc

    tmc Unregistered

    Not guilty!

    who are those guys?

    Didn't give the dog walking a try - was too much like gym work for me! what did you have to do anyway?
  17. You had to hold the lead thing, and power the treadmill yourself. The faster you went it seems the happier it'd make your dog. Occasionally you'd get small mini-game things where you'd have to pull in a certain direction to guide the dog away from cars and maniac cyclists. And one where you had to catch a cat by running quickly, which was exhausting to try and do when you had to power the treadmill yourself.
  18. it was nackering to say the least that game. Sorry about the button layout to my defence Ive never played any of the grandmaster chalenges there all a bit too pricey for me right now. I'm happy with my Magical drop3 once ive learnt how to beat most people in to a pulp I will go on to the next game which is Money puzzle exchange. :p

    Next time I will try to insure that the puzzle games are set to 4 way sticks and pick a few brains over the button layout of TGM.
  19. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    that sucks...I will go to Northampton this saturday..the arcade expo is closed now I suppose..>:(

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