TGM1 (MAME): got to 999, discovered timing discrepancy

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  1. Hello Tetrisconcept!

    I got into TGM after AGDQ (hi KevinDDR!), and stayed relatively quiet until I actually managed to get somewhere. Today I finally got to level 999 in TGM1, so figured I'd say hello and ask a question.

    Since I don't have room and spare funds at present for a PCB, I'm committing sacrilage: running on MAME and using a SNES gamepad clone to play. What concerns me is the timings shown at the end of my games (see attached). They're out of whack (e.g. 15:59 vs 16:54 for my 999 run).

    I used MAME .162 before, got the latest git source code and compiled that, but still no dice. MAME doesn't report any problems: "Average speed: 100.00% (1676 seconds)", and the FPS difference (60Hz vs intended 59.840Hz) doesn't account for such a large discrepancy.

    Do fellow emulator users have any advice for me? I'm happy to edit code and recompile, but don't know where the difference is coming from, and I can't find any references to it on the net. The only thing I can find is the known bug in TAP FPS, but nothing regarding TGM1.

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  2. Hello! The "Mastering Time" is the time at which you hit the highest grade you achieved. It's only the same as your game time when you either change grade at 999 or get GM (which I guess is a form of changing grade at 999 :p).
  3. Thank you, Grand Master Kevin, you bring me great relief!

    It is much simpler to address (hopefully temporary) symptoms of idiocy than fixing timing issues in emulator code :)

    Another highlight of this run: my gf told me "the fetus is disturbing" :p
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  4. That fetus...
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