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  1. Couldn't find a TAS of TGM1. Anyone have one? Curious to see what the theoretical fastest time could be.
  2. The platform TGM1 runs on (Sony ZN-2) is not very well emulated, especially in MAME. There is quite a lot of input lag and I think working on a TAS would be frustrating :p
    Still, trying is free and can't hurt, so if anyone is up to the challenge... Do it
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  3. I doubt it would be much faster than a 777 RTA, to be honest - it's a complete ball-ache to play emulated (frame rate variations and dropped inputs).
    However, overhangs would be greatly accelerated before 500...
  4. Zaphod77

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    yeah. you could get faster by a mix of hypertapping, skillstop DAS and skillstop soft drop to fix overhangs.
  5. K


    i though there was a TGM1 TAS.. sound interesting to give it a try once i'll get more time around mid february

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