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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 22 May 2007.

  1. Personnally, I love the randomizer in tgm1 !

    How many times I had two tetrises in a raw [​IMG]
    I think it only occured once in tgm2
  2. Air Gear

    Air Gear Unregistered

    I'll actually post a screenshot when I finally hit S7, but until then, the best on my high score list is S6 in 8:14:50. The best one I have a field screenshot of is S6 in 9:06:66, though the full game length was 9:41:23 at 727.
  3. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    A little complicated.. [​IMG]
    I prefer wait for a nice S7 from you..

    Don't panic and take your time..
  4. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    He he!!

    Pas mal Bou.. [​IMG]

    (from Air Gear)

    That should make you meditate..

    You've lost before 500 it's stupid!!!

    You are able to reach ~600 ...
  5. Air Gear

    Air Gear Unregistered

    Ok Amnesia...guess the wait was relatively short. My 20g survival seems to be getting a LOT better:


    Next I work on getting a few more tetrises.
  6. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    OUFFfff.. [​IMG] Finaly performed with a keyboard, with a correct time..

    It's a very good gymnastic for fingers..

  7. Crystory

    Crystory Unregistered

    now i got my hands on a arcade stick. its feels way better than a keyboard while playing. now its time to start training. what do you guys think is the best start for a beginner? tgm1, heboris 20 mode, or even tap death right away? 20g feels most comfortable for me, even if i cant handle it quite long. it makes way more fun than normal speed.
  8. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I will try the most complete answer I can :

    Both the 2 modes are very important, I won't speak about heboris because it seems not essential for me..

    the 20G mode have a special dynamic totally different from the normal sub 20G game..You must not forget that.. [​IMG][​IMG]

    If you only choose the way of DEATH mode (aias for example), you are condemned to block at a several skill level..

    If you only do master mode, you'll never do good time under 10min00

    (mfm for example)

    You must balance your training with Master mode and death mode..Even if DEATH mode is more exciting..

    Master mode will make you improve your skill and develop your ability for making more tetrises, that will help you to find best way in death mode to save your life..

    Death mode will increase your speed ability and will allow you to feel more comfortable for high speed in Master mode (700+)

    The 2 modes are complementary! [​IMG]

    About me, I feel some period where I'm motivated for death, and other period where I prefer master..
  9. Crystory

    Crystory Unregistered

    okay i understand. should i play master on tgm2+ or tgm1? i think i read somewhere that its kinda different.
  10. If you play TGM2 you get access to sonic drop which makes Master mode easier (and more enjoyable), besides that, they're the same until halfway through, then TGM2's Master mode is faster while TGM1 stays at the same speed.
  11. Air Gear

    Air Gear Unregistered

    I'd like to add that the original TGM is probably better if your system has lesser specs, say, under 2 GHz or 512 RAM. If you can find the alternate MAME that doesn't have the animated backgrounds and hence runs TAP better, though...well, point me toward it since the last archive I got didn't work [​IMG]
  12. Crystory

    Crystory Unregistered

    I have 2,8 GHz Duo Core +1GB ram so there shouldnt be the problem.

    Well after a few trys i got this

    Thats the first time i reached 400
  13. he crystory, seems as we are "head-to-head" [​IMG]
    this is my current best:


    try to beat me, i will try to close up!
  14. upy


    Here's my S3 (I got nervous repeatedly and lost).


    Replay: (warning: boring)

    [​IMG] I knew I must have reached S5 before.

    DIGITAL Unregistered
  16. Air Gear

    Air Gear Unregistered

    Thank you, though I did check that site before...I'm going to try getting a different unzipping program since it keeps saying that the archive is "invalid or corrupted".
  17. for me it works. i can unzip. i suggest you to use , if you are used to the norton commander back in the dos era.

    totalcommander has built in support for unpacking zip/rar and many more archives.
  18. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    If you are able to reach more than 300 in DEATH mode you can do far better than S1..
    ~S5 ~lv 800 should be more appropriate.. [​IMG] ..

    No no..Just S4 ! [​IMG]
    300 : 1

    500 : S4

    999 : S9

    -->under 13min30..
  19. Crystory

    Crystory Unregistered

    Eeeeh, when did i mentioned that i reached 300 in death? [​IMG]
    I made 2xx in heboris devil mode normal. But thats with hold function and much easier

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