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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 22 May 2007.

  1. Ai


    You need to resize the images to 640x480, 320x240 or something else before posting . I noticed you use imageshack. You can resize the images on the site or you can use other software.

    Nice jump on the leaderboard and I wish you good luck with getting sub 9 minutes. Though it will probably take a little longer than a month. ;)

    Congrats! Now that you know you can finish the game you just need to fine tune a few things. You will need to work on your time and stacking to meet the GM requirements. Your stack at the end looks clean, so I suggest you make some efforts to clear more lines at once. Try manual locking at all times and get a few tetrises in 20G. Almost there just keep practicing!

    Space Invaders rules! ^^
  2. And I'm over the hump!

     2--colour_thief-----------Gm - 999 @ 09:57:50 - 05/20/09
    All my recent improvements were in successive sessions, and I'm not even playing for too long, so I might test my luck further.

    EDIT: Hmm, I just realised that would have been 1st place 1 week ago. [​IMG] I've never been ahead of jago in this race before.
  3. and, i'm not even anywhere near a hump, but a new personal best:

    Gm in 12:41:63

    image on request,
  5. K


    Too bad, but you have to pull off 12 sec again [​IMG]
    if you pass lvl 500 close or under 5 min and if you can sometime get section in 50-55 sec once 20G come, it's doable with some luck...

    do you have a video ? [​IMG]
  6. No new record, but at least Amnesia is a piece of cake.


    I think I've had enough TGM1 for now. I'll upload a video of my 9:57 if anyone is interested.
  7. yes, please!
  8. K


  9. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Woo..I feel too much destroyed...
  10. Ai


    Grandmaster Ranking with only sub 10 minutes times is win! And yes, please do share the video.

    Thanks a lot! It took me a little longer than I expected, but it's indeed definitely worth the effort. ^^ I now need to concentrate on improving my 20G play even more until I can get GM with the 20G code.
  11. Hey, I've played the TGM series for a long while, though most of the games I played were on NDS TGM. You could have Ti's new wall kicks while playing Death mode, instead of the faster paced Shirase, so I never really learned how to stack with TGM/TAP, until a month or so ago when I wanted to try and get a GM ranking in TGM1. I didn't really keep track of my scores (besides games in Texmaster), so I think I'll start that now by posting them in this topic.


    Is there a way to screenshot something in Zinc besides just cropping the picture after a print screen?
  12. F5 in my implementation (using Lost's keyboard plugin) takes a screenshot.
    But I still like to crop it down to 320x240.
  13. If you run it full-screen, there's no need to crop it.
  14. In light of our recent discovery, the suggested time should really not be suggesting 500 @ 7:05.
    Edit: Rosti, I meant resizing... but I run the game windowed.
  15. [​IMG]
    Well, it's a much better time, but I still really didn't feel like I was pushing for speed. Maybe a little in the 900 section, but overall the game felt slow. This is good, because it means I can improve!
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  16. upy



    Since I've been playing TGM2 Death a lot lately, this actually seemed a very pleasant, slow game. No replay, played in ZiNC.

    PS: Thanks caffeine [​IMG]
  17. new personal record:

    Gm in 12:37:35

    screenshot on request.
  18. K


    hey Dehacked, i saw you've done a sub 10 on blockbox, but you still 10:38:33 here, is blockbox acurate ?
  19. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake


    a ton avis ?

    Essaye, tu feras ptet un 9:20.. [​IMG]

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