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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 22 May 2007.

  1. Use double rotation. A LOT.
    Optimize S-Z-L-J placement.
    Stack for more tetrises.
    In sub 500, when you don't know where to put an S or a Z, just drop it at the right side of the screen so you don't waste your time trying to place it correctly.
    You will get a Huge time improvement this way (my best 20G section went from around 1min to 54sec this way in only two months. I just need to keep the stack clean and my mind concentrated for 9:30 minutes now :p )
  2. 10:47:48 on Kevin's cabinet today woo woo
  3. Ai


    Nice TWF! I played yesterday and got under 11 minutes a few times. I improved my time and will post later today. It was a productive TGM day as I was able to get a few Gm in 20G mode as well. I marginally improved my best time and was able to get under 5 minutes in the first half for the first time.

    Current best times:

    0-500 --> just under 05:25 (average time is closer to 05:35 )
    500-999 --> around 05:00 (average time is near 05:15)

    I'm aiming for a sub 10:30 before the end of the year which will be very hard with my current abilities.
  4. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Sorry ? No mistake in your sentence Ai ?
  5. Ai


    Sorry for the confusing sentence. I was able to get under 5 minutes in the first half of a 20G mode game. But of course I didn't reach the end. My overall fastest game using the 20G code is S9 in just under 10:25. I should be able to do better, but I'll need to play more often. I'll upload some screenshots later today. First half best in a normal game is 05:22 I think. ^^;



    Tetris The Grand Master Gm 10:42:66 ^^

    0-500 --> 05:34:61
    500-999 --> 05:08:05

    The last section was cleared in 00:57:50 (downstacking) . A time closer to 10:35 should be possible. ^^
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  6. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    Hi folks, just got my first sub 5:00 first half today; I hit level 500 around 4:57:xx

    Died shortly after :( and didn't get a photo. Imma commin' for you jago!!!! :twisted:
  7. K


  8. [​IMG]
    Terrible stacking. I know I can do a lot better than this
  9. guess i forgot to post this...
    GM - 999 @ 12:36:35

    mame, psx pad.
    i'll do better next time. *still getting used to pcb >.>*
  10. Oh no !!! I can't believe this !!!! I hate this game :)

  11. Ah! Almost there! :D
  12. SYN7HOR

    SYN7HOR Drama Queen

    Damn... both LadyLily and tet2brk have passed me... I need to get some vacation and binge for some weeks.
  13. Ai


    Congrats tet2brik! You will be Gm in no time. I had a great day with a few Gm grades under 10:50. ^^

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I'll watch the replay later and post more details. The good news is that this didn't really feel like a very good run. I'm sure I can do better. ^^
  14. whoa, nice session, Ai!
    Slow down, give me time to catch up
  15. Ai


    Thanks, I'm sure you'll get there eventually, just be a little more patient! Once I get closer to 10:25 there won't be much improvement for a long time. ^^

    After watching the replay I can confidently say that improving another 10 seconds is within my abilities. I may try and get under 10:30, though I'm more than happy with my current time for now.

    0-500 --> 05:28:xx
    500-999 --> 05:06:xx
  16. Incredible sessions Ai !
    Here is my new personal record. For sure, i will be GM this week (hope so !)
  17. Ugh. How are you doing this?
  18. Ai


    Afer obtaining m, TGM became my main focus. My first few sessions early March were terrible. Just under 11:20 was the best Gm I could get at first. My sub 20G play was severely lacking after months of Death play. I started practicing solid tetris stacking and while I did this I pushed very hard in the early sections. The first 250 levels when play is frustratingly slow are what needed most attention since I noticed that's where I lost most time compared to other fast players. Yes, 300-500 is still a problem most of the time, but at least you won't be losing too much time if you keep playing at a fast pace while recovering from mistakes. Section times I aim for:

    0-100 --> 01:15
    100-200 --> 01:05 (02:20)
    200-300 --> 01:05 (03:25)
    300-500 --> 02:05 (05:30)
    500-999 --> 05:05 (10:35)

    I'm not sure how I can help. My finesse isn't great; also I'm not using double rotation like you and most other players. The basic tips are to stack high, stay high as long as possible under level 500 and to clear a lot of tetrises.

    Try to achieve a state of mind which allows for efficient and optimal stacking. My times got clearly better by keeping my focus on simple stacking. No fancy moves and overhangs unless they are really necessary. I try not to think too much, I call it "autopilot" mode or "just do it" mode. Attempt to take maximum advantage of that one preview and even plan ahead if you can. A Japanese player once told me that some players seriously believe that what 777 does in TGM is only possible because he's able to read the randomizer to some degree. I'm nowhere near that level so my main priority is to keep a clean and flat stack that facilitates the fast use of any piece that may come.

    During play I only look at the time at level 500, if the time is over 05:40 I top out and try again. Nowadays I can get times somewhere around 05:30 quite often every session. After my first half got better I started time attacking 20G mode. With some effort I managed to lower my average 20G section time from 01:03 to 01:01 and sometimes even 01:00 for about 5 sections. No real training strategy apart from manual locking like crazy "Death style". Stacking for tetrises and fast downstacking sometime help me get section times under a minute. I try to keep an eye on the level when I have a feeling I'm nearing the end of a section, but I find it hard and stressing in 20G so I make sure not to stack too high by clearing lines in relatively fast intervals. However usually bad stacking will force me to clear a lot of singles anyway...

    Early last month I was able to get Gm grades near 11 minutes more consistently which made me more confident. I then struggled with times under 11 minutes for a little while before I made a jump to 10:42. Playing the same mode for longer periods enabled more progress and that's how I got close to 10:30. I'm satisfied with my top 10 spot even if it's only for a short while. And I also beat the Belgian player kukrapoc_bazza's 3 year old time. ^^

    What are your times for 0-500 and 500-999? You will (should) probably perform better than me if you play the game more often. I think it's just a matter of getting accustomed to the inputs like rednefed mentioned earlier in this thread. Doesn't watching Kevin play give you more clues on how to get better. ^^
  19. 0-500 is 5:40 on a good day; I'm not sure of my 500-999 times but at least in my record game it would've been around 5:10.

    not in the least, the more I watch kevin play the more mystified I am that he is faster than me.

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