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  1. S9 10:53:03, lvl 998... So close! I could have gotten 10:45 in this game, but my stacking sucks (wasted a lot of time fixing horrible mistakes) :D

    Notes: Performed on PCB.

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  2. New PB. GM 10:51 on PCB

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  3. Is there any chance that the records in this thread could be updated soon? The last edit stamp is Jan 14th (about 6 months ago).

    I also noticed that some of the rankings may not be correct. It switches between sorting by "grade, level, time" and "grade, time, level" in the lower sections.

      80--iuvmaqi8---------------S9 - 999 @ --:--:-- - 11/11/11
      81--Air Gear---------------S9 - 993 @ 13:06:33           
      82--Ray Ayanami------------S9 - 973 @ 12:08:50 - 12/02/10
      83--Tony76-----------------S8 - 999 @ 14:50:50 - 05/20/09
      84--DumbledorsArmy---------S8 - 952 @ 12:28:83 - 09/19/08
      85--upy--------------------S7 - 833 @ 11:50:35 - 05/29/09
    ===== Switches to grade, level, time =====
      86--Red Star---------------S6 - 742 @ 08:13:36 - 01/14/08
      87--LordPie----------------S6 - 622 @ 08:28:45 - 03/05/08
      88--cdsboy-----------------S6 - 714 @ 08:50:30           
      89--merpy------------------S6 - 699 @ 09:25:68 - 08/03/09
      90--shoryu-----------------S6 - 892 @ 12:50:41 - 01/26/08
    Is this correct? Seems like it should be:

      86--shoryu----------------- S6 - 892 @ 12:50:41 - 01/26/08 - 
      87--Red Star--------------- S6 - 742 @ 08:13:36 - 01/14/08 - 
      88--cdsboy----------------- S6 - 714 @ 08:50:30 -  - 
      89--merpy------------------ S6 - 699 @ 09:25:68 - 08/03/09 - 
      90--LordPie---------------- S6 - 622 @ 08:28:45 - 03/05/08 - 
      91--Sy--------------------- S6 - --- @ --:--:-- -  - 
  4. Yeah, we're going to have to figure something out for the leaderboards. Amnesia isn't really visiting the site now, so I guess it would fall on mods to keep any unattended leaderboards up-to-date. We probably need to figure out a better way of handling updates, whether it be more people that can act as records moderators or perhaps introducing some level of automation to the process.

    The sort order consistency should is also something that should be addressed. The in-game sort order is Grade, Clear Line, Mastering Time. Level is not considered.
  5. If it helps, I wrote I command line tool that helps automate the process for TGM1. Tested and working on Python 2.7 and 3.2, and requires Sqlite3. It should be fairly easy to add TAP support to it, as well.


    Hmm... Is there any way to get the Clear Line?

    I think either Grade, Level, Time or Grade, Time would make the most sense. What bothers me about doing Grade, Time, is that there are too many variables. Say someone tops out with S9, 998 @ 10:01, someone else tops out with S9, 899 @ 10:00. Should the person with 10:00 at 899 really be ahead of 10:01 at 998? 10:01 at 998 is clearly faster in that case.
  6. Cool, I was thinking of doing something similar. I also think there are plans to just generally make things more automated for TC3.

    You get a line for reaching 999, yes.

    Mastering Time is about when you get the grade/line, not about when you die. The person with [grade] at 10:01 was not faster than the person with [same grade] at 10:00. If the second person hadn't bailed at 998, then they'd pick up the line and be ranked higher. Beyond that, TGM1 doesn't take level or score beyond that into account in its ranking.
  7. COL


    14--COL--------------------Gm - 999 @ 10:42:10 - 07/05/13 -PCB
  8. Been practicing 20G a lot. Just blew away my old record. GM @ 10:37:18 - PCB

    I'm feeling like I'm finally starting to get better at some of the finesse moves that I typically mess up.

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  9. Sorry Nico !!!


    It is possible to update the board ? Thanks !

  10. Ouch ! I totally gave up the time attack, you shouldn't be bothered for a while ;) GG !
  11. K


    good !
    keep playing ! :V
  12. Thank you Jago !
  13. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    Generally, I would advise that if you can get GM, you should spend most of your time practising 20G, as you will get the greatest return on investment in time.

    As you play, try to predict holes before they happen, then when the hole does happen, remember what caused it. Sometimes you will notice a pattern, i.e. a habit of your playing that leads to holes, and once you recognise it, you can try to avoid doing it in future games. One thing I noticed was an awkward placement you made with the J at 573, and then you did a similar thing at 683. Neither placement was necessary, and you caused yourself a fair bit of trouble.

    (At 683, if you really wanted to place the J like that, then the O needed to be placed right in the middle, so that you can maintain mobility and place pieces on the right whilst waiting for an L or T to fill the overhang on the left.)

    Another tip is to try and reduce the amount of tap-tap-tapping when making placements. Most moves can be made with either just DAS, or DAS and a tap-back. Of course, multiple taps are often necessary, but try to get out of the habit of tapping when a faster method is obviously possible. For example 512, 522, 528, 538, 555, 597, 604, etc, all look like unnecessary tapping manoeuvres. As you watch back your play, you'll see many situations where you tapped and shouldn't have. A lot of it may just be due to hesitation, so place your pieces with confidence, and you'll naturally find that you're DASing more, and tapping less.

    Also, try to be aware of when you're approaching the end of the section. I notice you got level-stopped for several seconds at times.

    Keep playing and sharing your videos, and if you find my critique helpful, let me know and I'll give you some more. Good luck!
  14. Nice play! Edo said all.
    And don't forget that 2nd part should be faster than the 1st one, sub12 is a matter of days!
  15. Thank you guys for your posts they are really helpfull, and I will be careful of your advices for my next plays. I will try to sub 12 minutes quickly.
  16. And now they are four :

    SKEN = 8:58:96

  17. So it went from 2 -> 4 in under a year. Crazy!

    Hopefully a video is coming soon. I definitely want to see this performance.
  18. Yeah! I hope I'll at least see them break the 9 min barrier in real life!
  19. K


    a little bit better :V

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