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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 22 May 2007.

  1. [​IMG]

    GM @ 10:10:90

    I had an unusually good first half (500 @ ~5:07) but I had a really bad misdrop at about ~570. What could've been...
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  2. Jii



    7 sec improved. That's something i guess.
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  3. We're gettin close to 10 here! Nice improvements from people.
  4. gm.png

    Time to get back to TGM :D

    GM @ 11:54:20

    Still so many mistakes :D
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  5. After switching to using an arcade stick at the start of the year, a new PB, scraping in at S8 @ 999. Woo!
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  6. Can tetris cure insomnia? Nope, but it gives you something to do. You guys really weren't kidding about the advantage of driving stick. Say hello to S9, fetus!
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  7. I think I'm getting used to this stick thing now
    also perfect awkward-G which is a first for me lol
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  8. CPN



    Clawing my way towards sub-12....
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  9. So close :(. I was day-dreaming at the beginning of 500...

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  10. That game was pretty close. Though I do see what you mean by your 500 section. A lot of times even I found myself going "Wait, what? Why?" Either way, good job!
  11. Well, my quest for sub-12 continues, but I did finally record a GM run. Technically. Despite being a personal best, it's actually a pretty bad run, full of misdrops, poor decisions, & ignored level stops.

    It drops me to 12:06:50 all the same.

  12. Some more shameful mistakes but faster is faster :D

    GM @ 11:52:66

  13. I haven't even gotten an S4 in the last two weeks and now I get an S6 out of the blue!
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  14. FeV


    Grand Master
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  15. [​IMG]

    My first non-Texmaster GM ():)
    Played through MAME on keyboard.

    Kevcel - GM - 13:02:41 - 141952 points

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  16. Congrats to @FeV and @Kevcel! May they enjoy their days of infinite happiness :D
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  17. FeV


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  18. Gah! Just got S9 in 13:22.85! So close to GM!

    (Wait, does it count if it's on Texmaster?)
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  19. There's a separate thread for Texmaster. Good luck, GM is just around the corner!
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