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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 22 May 2007.

  1. FeV


    Well done! Only a month, even with your NES tetris experience, is quite some progress ;) hope to see you pursuing further TGM achievements!
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  2. GM2.png
    I decided to have another crack at it after a few days and ended up surprising myself, and while a 5 second improvement isn't too exciting it's certainly more then I was expecting in such a short amount of time.
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  3. It's nearing two years since the famous AGDQ... unlike some star performers I have witnessed on here, this is the closest I've gotten. Fingers crossed for a GM this year.
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  4. Well, it sucks that I couldn't take a screenshot of the board itself, considering I had a score of something like 160000+, but hey, at least it's my first GM o/


    I'm really starting to play 1 and 2 more than 3, no-hold 1-piece preview is more fun than I thought :p

  5. New personal best: GM in 9:23.96.
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  6. Darn, need to get my pcb back and play again !
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  7. GM3.png
    Could have been a good 10 seconds faster if I hadn't looked down to notice the time and subsequently ruined the stack. Such is life.
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  8. upload_2016-12-11_19-10-58.png
    sub 11:30 is F R E E
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  9. GM4.png
    Slow but steady progress...
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  10. Its not a new record but I finally gm'ed a second time

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  11. Wooottt pb

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  12. [​IMG]

    Sub-11, holy shit. I got level stopped at 998 and just BARELY managed to get under 11 minutes.
    Whaddup @BBQTurkeyzZ sub-11 is N O T F R E E
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  13. sdafsdf.png
  14. I can't believe it's not butter!
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  15. Which requirement did you fail there? I'd take a guess and say the Level 300 time requirement though I could be wrong.
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  16. S4 score requirement is usually the big one. Especially with the 20g code.
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  17. I would have assumed the Level 300 time requirement due to Xaphiosis having a high score, yet close time. That and personal experience as the only two I'd say I'd get remotely close to failing is the Level 300 time requirement and the Level 999 score requirement. (For me I tend to enter 300 on an S2, Level 500's requirements are free af imo as assuming you don't have a horrible board you should enter 500 on an S4/S5 and I don't think I've ever gotten close to failing the time requirement for that. Beyond that I'm playing for time so as long as my grade matches my section I'm generally fine unless I seriously mess up.)
  18. This is a trigger to start recording my runs from now on, as in this case I have no idea.
    JBroms' guess sounds most plausible. Historically I have a tendency to enter 500 with S3 due to having a hard time with just-sub-20G stacking. Easy to mess up in 300-500, then miss out on tetrises during recovery. I still feel like a relative newcomer, and my recovery can definitely use much improvement. Still, sooo close! *shakes fist*
  19. day 4 into tgm1 hell
    and WE S6 B O I S
    i dont know how i did this. i dont want to ask myself. :p
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  20. Just a minor update for the ranking on the first page :)
    TGM1 GM - New PB 12:42:83 (this time from my twitch live stream :D)
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