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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 22 May 2007.

  1. After some months of not playing much I came back and finally my first GM! Yeah!

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  2. Finally I've survived until the end ! (It's weird, I haven't played for like 2 or 3 months :D )
    Next assignment -> GM.
    (How is it possible to have a different time showed by the timer and mastering time ? )
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  3. Mastering time = time it took you to reach this rank (in your case S7).
    --> you hit S7@13:05:71
    For GM it's the same, obviously.
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  4. ei


    Alright, starting to approach sub10... I think I see a goal for 2017.

  5. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Welcome back ! Long time without hearing from you here.
  6. ei


    Yooo, how have you been Amnesia? Yeah, I hadn't been playing all that much, but starting to get back into it and getting some games in here and there (mostly at a local gamer bar, haha).

    With sub10 in striking distance I'll probably push to make that happen at the least. Also hoping to get more than just a token few games for the carnival of death when that comes up.
  7. First time poster. Started playing after SGDQ 2016 and got my first GM today! (Completely didn't realize there was a credit roll... next time!)

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  8. It's okay. the credit roll on the first game doesn't add anything though it is fun to do. It's only in TAP (finishing the fading roll gives an orange line and the invisible roll is needed for the M and GM grades) and Ti (both rolls continue to add to your grade) where the credit rolls matter.

    Also, welcome to Tetris Concept! Hope you enjoy your time here!
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  9. [​IMG]
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  11. FeV


    Poverty PB, finally with a video. Performed with a screwed up left hand, didn't really try to time attack that much until the second half and I got impatient near the end, since I wanted the pain to stop. So it's a single-ridden mess. I could definitely get sub-10 when my hand gets better. Until then I kinda have to take a break from tetris.
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  12. GM @ 10:50:81. Very happy with this game and I'm happy that I managed to finally get a good run on video.
    Also I finally overtook @EnchantressOfNumbers
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  13. FeV


    I'm honestly astonished that this run was sub-10. Just amazing last two sections, two 55s and I barely made it. Thank god. Both sub-10s out of the way in the same session!
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  14. Gm @ 10:30:13

    First entry in these leaderboards. I can definitely do better than this but this is my PB for now
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  15. kai


    Well I finally swapped over to TGM from tex and I managed to scrape this together!

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  16. New record, worse score but sub-12 o/ gm.png
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  17. started playing TGM 1 not to long ago here's my most recent time

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    Another several year-old PB busted!
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  19. Gm @ 10:21:25
    New PB again!
    Going for sub-10, I think that's reasonable.
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  20. Getting back into the swing of things, knocked some time off my PB. Plenty more to go :D

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