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  1. K


    Now the game as leaked and you can play it directly on any PC. IMO i think it's ok to talk about it and it's what i'm doing here.

    The game was official release was out in 2005 and leaked from what i know since 2008 if you knew the right people (even in JAPAN). The game was certainly hacked even early in Japan from what i know but it's not a surprise when we know how truly weak piracy/software protection Taito Type X system is.

    But let's talk about a REAL issue for people who want to play the game and improve themselves :

    the game have input lag whatever version you have (probably the same for other game on TypeX) :

    - hacked (PC +input hack to keyboard) = unplayable at high speed
    - cloned (PC + JVS to JAMMA I/O ) = 5 to 8 reported depending of the hardware.
    - genuine (Real Type X + JVS to JAMMA I/O) = 4 frames measured at the eindhoven meeting.

    for instance original Jamma TGM1 have 3 frames, TAP PCB have 2 frames lags, but it's not noticeable. those has been confirmed by using a 240fps camera, and lighting button on joystick + CRT monitor

    It's sad for people owning the Real TGM3, but there is no way to know if there are possibilities to reduce the lag except by trying other JVS to JAMMA I/O board. Apparently NAMCO's one remove 1 frame.

    it's been month i'm playing the cloned Ti game meaning Standard PC with a Sega I/O board wich is supposed to be as good as the genuine Taito Type X and it wasn't a secret for much people. i was hoping to buy a genuine one again at eindhoven but not available at that moment.

    i never really wanted to use clone game (texmaster/heboris) for training and basically only used Ti with custom cheat for direct high level jump.
    It's been almost 1 year i'm playing with this laggy game and i clearly can't improve. i only feel frustration and demotivation.

    at this state, there is not much interest to play TI exclusively, it's even counter productive.
    from my recent experience of the game compared to strongest player, i still advise people to stick on texmaster/nullPo/heboris if they really want to improve their TGM3 (game style) high speed performance until an alternative is proposed and i keep faith on that point. I'm so confident that i quit TGM3.

    As i said many time, since the official release in 2005, this game still haven't reach his golden age and the next can wait..

    ps : sorry my bad engrish
  2. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Is it what I am using on my PC from last time I came in your flat ?

    in this case "unplayable" is not the word I would use. It is a bit more strict, but clearly playble, even at SHIRASE 600. For the moment I still have the best MASTER 0-100 on TI, and I still have not passed it on special ti.

    Sorry it is certainely evident for you and muf, but you confirm that it is what I played with you in Strasbourg ?

    So in this case, only c_t and muf has the real game with 4 frames of lag ?
  3. K


    Pourquoi j'ai toujours l'impression que t'es a coté de tes pomptes ? bon c'est quoi ton meilleurs temps en 0-100 ?
  4. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    42.9 I think.

    Can you say at least "yes" or "not" to my question ? :$
  5. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    I agree with the hack being unplayable at high speed. Perhaps how well it works is dependent on the speed of your computer, but while it seems very responsive at low speed, when the game speed jumps up the responsiveness appears to go wayyyy down, and pieces start shooting across the screen after i release the key.

    I suspect a genuine typex with a good quality jvs cabinet is required for the best experience at the moment.

    Perhaps a port to typex zero would do the game good, as one of the features of the hardware platform is supposed to be lower latency on the I/O board.
  6. I get distressing numbers of double drops and other weird stuff at Master 1000+ speeds. Lots of ragequits in Shirase 0-100 due to DAS errors and double taps that turn into triple taps. I really wish the Ti could be played smoother, but as it is, it's not good for much more than Easy and Sakura for me.
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  7. o_O
    so the clones did even better than the original game:facepalm:
  8. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    WHen played on real hardware, it plays reasonably. The problem is with the input hack, combined with the very rapid reaction times required at the high speeds.
  9. Muf


    You call 4 frames reasonable?
  10. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    So 4 frames is your setup? dang.

    No wonder there are so few GMs.

    I just remembered that jagos setup appeared to lag compared to yours.

    I may be wrong, but as I understand it, there are native JVS cabinets, which have lower lag than jamma to jvs adapters, but I could be way off base.
  11. K


    i don't think it's why there are so few GM. Most top players were able to beat S13..
    i'm just saying people should use more Clone game for training purpose and high speed handling.
  12. Hey, I'm new to this forum, and I'm not sure how to correctly post in here, but whatever.

    I am one of the lucky guys who got to play the leaked TGM3 game. The problem is, user accounts won't work.

    As soon as I get a game over, I can't replay in the account, I must redo the account over again. If I try to load it, it doesn't work. Is this a bug ? Is there any way to prevent that ?

    I say thank you, even if it doesn't work.
  13. Has anyone rooted around inside the PC dump to see if levels beyond 1300 do exist?
  14. They don't exist.
  15. Ah OK. This was hardly a pressing issue for me anyway!

    Incidentally, if the series has stalled, did you pro players ever consider designing your own "successor"? Some levels beyond what exists now, a couple new features, even more evil roll challenges and you could preserve the good elements of the series to date...
  16. SWR


    In the data folder are two TGA files, one being font04 and the other being font13. Both of these show the maximum grade being S13 (as in no S14+). What's also worth noting is that font04 only has grades 1-9 and S1-S13, which leads to assurance that there is no GM grade for Shirase at all.
  17. Muf



  18. accounts should work fine, maybe this is some kind of file system permission problem?
  19. The default executable points to the D:/ drive to store save data. You can use a hex editor to find this file path in the executable and change it to a writable folder or use the subst on the command-line to mount a folder as a virtual drive.
  20. How exactly must I edit the file ? The executable called game.exe doesn't work, and tgm3.exe doesn't have anything related to user files. I tried to modify something with typex_loader.exe, but even then, it doesn't work. Can someone help me here, I don't know what to do.

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