The End of Prohibition

Thread in 'Discussion' started by Kitaru, 6 Dec 2010.

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    Maybe uou show some respect for people who make good tetris games and let everybody play it for free. Nullpomino or Texmaster is not something you can do in two evenings, you are one who is arrogant.
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    I'm still disgusted with TTC. Here's why.

    The simple truth is the reason Mihara hasn't said "stop cloning my game, and you can play for real" is because he doesn't have a license for anything but Japanese arcades, and anything more is prohibitively expensive for him.

    You really think Mihara is stuck making only japanese arcade games because he wants to be? There's no official western TGM game because Arika can't get a license.

    TTC is happy with Mihara making TGM... as long as it stays in Japanese arcades only.
  3. tetris people are funny.
  4. C_T, I do believe you are making the mistake of grouping everybody together.
  5. Hey there anonymous coward, maybe you should show some respect for people who want to make tetris games with personal financial risk. Releasing to arcades these days is basically charity work anyhow. Both people are just trying to release tetris to the public, playing up that angle doesn't make one look better than the other.

    Both have noble goals, both are arrogant cocks.
  6. The first 1% of this thread = :thumbsup:

    The next 99% of this thread:
  7. Alright, I held my tongue the last time you called me out in this particular manner, but this is absolutely atrocious.

    I was against the clone ban for the simple reason that it would not work. It has nothing to do with arrogance or having some ridiculous unwarranted self-importance, but I knew that we were dealing with a crazed individual who would not listen to rational reason. It really was no skin off my nose to deal with the clone ban. I didn't make incendiary posts (such as, for example, timc's) accusing people. Everyone who wanted to play NM already knew about it, and it is still gaining traction on HD. This really didn't bother me all that much, even though I spoke out about it in IRC for some time (meaning maybe a day). In the end, I ceased to care. Whatever.

    It had nothing to do with "bowing before my elder" or whatever other remarks you want to make. I'm not arrogant, I don't think I'm a big deal, I'm just a guy who donates some of his time to provide the community with something they want. This has nothing to do with my ego or anyone else's and I'd rather like if you stop throwing ad hominem because you're frustrated. I wouldn't even have to put my name on a single line of source I've written for NM to get anything out of it. Going into e.g. the HD shoutbox or IRC and hearing people say "I like the new NM" just brightens my day by itself.

    Look, we wanted TGM4 as well. We just weren't prepared to drop our pants and bend over for it. I like developing NM, and I thought that if anything was the best of both worlds, the clone ban was it: I can keep developing NM in peace, and we might get an official game. I was not about to go remove all the TGM modes from NM. I was not about to delete NM off the face of the internet. I didn't care enough about TGM4 to go to measures that drastic. However, nobody was really asking me to, so it didn't matter.

    I don't think Report, Noname, Deeem, etc. have any egocentric self-importance when they are developing clones. You're making an awfully unfair blanket statement when you say something like that and I don't think that's very helpful.

    So, contrary to what you might think, there is respect in this community. Maybe you have none left for us because we killed your chances of playing TGM4. I had respect for Mihara up until he started setting unreasonable rules. It never made sense to me that he would be banning clones when their constituents are people who can't purchase TGM to begin with. But I still have respect for you, CT. I think this is certainly out of character given that I'd always thought you to be more level-headed and calm than you are currently acting. However, I still think you are an integral and important member of the community. I'd rather you not leave, but so be it.

    In any case, I think it's rather ironic that you are throwing a tantrum and ragequitting and then telling us that we are the ones who need to grow up. Don't take your frustration out on us, however great it might be. Starting drama never helped anyone (and it certainly won't get TGM4 released). I hope that in a few days you come to your senses and realize that this is the same sort of post that you were shocked to see when you posted the original Prohibition sticky.
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  8. ...

    Excuse me…?

    Arrogant clone developers, huh? I don’t know where the hell you have been for the past four years, but it’s thanks to these developers that anybody, except those in Japan, have any clue what-so-ever about this amazing Tetris series, myself included. Who wants to read a webpage about boring information and confusing numbers? As for anything, you want to see what it’s like first, and try it out. It’s thanks to these clone developers that a few arcades and people have bought a TGM arcade for themselves. They put hard work into their clones to bring enjoyment to other people who are not so grateful enough to afford/play on a TGM arcade, and you call them arrogant?! Yeah, Mihara is going to blame clones for his cancellation for obvious and understandable reasons. However, not all of us are rich like you colour_thief; I am in no position to go out and buy any TGM arcades. I’m only a 17 year-old who can’t even find a decent after-school job, and you expect everyone to go out and blow over $1,000 on one game? That is not happening, not now, not when you’re in my position.

    You were ready to completely screw everybody over in hopes TGM4 would become released, at the cost of nearly ruining everyone’s chance to play it for themselves. Selfish, huh? You’re calling us arrogant jerks, when you spread the final decision of banning clones. I personally think it was a very stupid decision. You were achieving the right goal, in the wrong way. You want a peaceful solution? Let’s get donations going, let’s help make an official game, let’s spread the news of TGM by other means, let’s make official videos; obviously things aren’t as easy as they sound, and they never will be in the business world, but a good long-term solution is much better than any bad short-term solution.

    We gave our “bow of respect” to the TGM series by completely removing all clones from this website, and as “most” of us did, we followed you without too much of a problem, even though “most” of us kept these problems to ourselves. What did this accomplish? …Absolutely nothing. We received no gratitude for that somewhat helpful work and sacrifice, and only to get spit on again when the clones go back up.

    Yeah, we all need to grow up, but this includes you colour_thief as well. You’re damn right when there is no respect in this community. Yeah, I’m disgusted as well, but moreover in you and your shocking and arrogant response.

    As Budster said, you just made a huge mistake of grouping everybody together. You and you alone will be the downfall of tetrisconcept, but more importantly, the Tetris Grand Master series itself.

  10. I think you're totally wrong here. The reason TGM hasn't been released outside Japan is almost certainly not because TTC won't give them the licence, but because Arika almost certainly can't afford it. When you look at the ridiculous sums of money that EA paid to get their not-so-great deal just on mobile phones, it doesn't seem that insane that they'd want a similarly extortionate figure for a global home console release, and I really doubt Arika have that sort of cash to gamble on releasing TGM abroad when there's no guarantee it'll be a success.
  11. If TTC is charging so much for a license that Arika can't afford it, we're still more likely to blame TTC.
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    And who determines the price for the license?

    Are you telling me it's NOT TTC?

    It seems the price of a console license is within the range of a budget developer, but not Arika. Doesn't that seem the slightest bit suspicious?
  13. We can, but if they've got companies like Hudson who are willing to cough up the cash, it'd be a bit of a stretch to expect them to lower their price for Arika. Business is business.

    And no, TTC don't determine the price. Competing companies do.
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  15. That's a Japan-only console license though, not a worldwide one. Arika got that once.
  16. orz


    dont forget about ACE
  17. lol
  18. orz


    ooooooo i see how i misread that. i guess i've been owned hahaha
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    And they were forced to bow WAY too much to the Guideline to get it.

    (you ARE talking about ACE, right)

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