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Thread in 'Discussion' started by Edo, 1 Jul 2009.

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    I thought I'd create this thread to help out anybody who's looking to buy a Tetris game. Some of the older games in the franchise might be quite hard to get hold of, and I thought this would be the ideal way for people to get help hunting down a copy. Also, even when a copy is available, it's good to know whether you're getting a good deal or if you're paying over the odds; therefore, I intend to use this first post to keep track of the various prices people spot.

    Okay guys, my brother has just bought a DS lite, and I'm considering buying a copy of Tetris DS. I've found a copy here for 22.95 (26.77 euros, or 37.93 USD), would this be considered a good price? I only intend to play games against people I know, (using friend codes, right?) would I still be able to get a rating, and would iCheaters be a problem?

    Also, would anyone like to help me track down a copy of TNC for a good price?
  2. You don't get any rating points when you play against friends. Also; are you calling your friends iCheaters? ;)

    As for the price. It's not cheap, but it seems fair given that they're not making it anymore.
  3. A game I've always been interested at buying at a "cheapish" (<$20) price is Pokemon Shock Tetris/Pokemon Shocking Tetris/Pokemon Mini Tetris. It's one of the more bizarre Tetris games I've encountered that's still fundamentally Tetris. It has ARS starting orientations with what seems to be SRS four states. (IE S, Z and I have more states than ARS) It has kicks I've never been able to figure out and a memoryless (as far as I can tell) randomizer. Here's where it gets weird: If you shake the system it will flip the piece horizontally. (S will turn into Z, L will turn into J) Shaking the system will flip ANY piece horizontally but those are the ones that will actually change into a different piece. Another interesting thing about it is that there's some time after a piece appears but before it starts to drop. So you can Das to wall before the piece starts falling. (Which kind of defeats of the purpose of it getting faster.) I've never been able to survive long enough to see if actually makes it to 20G. (kind of embarrassing considering you can turn S's into Z's) It also has modes where there are pieces made up of more than four blocks. (Including one where it starts with only 4 piece blocks, but as you get further it starts to add others).

    And it's got a Pokedex with 250 pokemon. Everytime you get a Tetris you "catch" a Pokemon and it's added to the Pokedex. It's a pretty neat game. I own the system, but I can never find that game at a fair price.

    Short Info about the game:émon_Shock_Tetris

    Info about the system: (It's NOT a Pokemon Pikachu. It's small cartridge based system like Game Boy)
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    Lumines has such an "active ARE" phase too.
  5. So does Tetris Kiwamemichi, which I just recently found out was in arcades as well as on PS2.

    In regards to Tetris DS, I've heard that it's still available in Canadian brick-and-mortar shops for $35. I don't know if you ever plan to travel to Canada or not, Edo, but that should at least give you an idea of what kind of prices would be considered reasonable.

    The game I'm most interested in buying is Tetris with Cardcaptor Sakura: Eternal Heart. Does anyone have an idea of what's a good price for that, or the most convenient way to buy it?

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