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Thread in 'Strategy' started by ei, 26 Mar 2008.

  1. ei


    I decided to celebrate Torikan day today by recording 20 minutes of Death footage. Once Camtasia is finished encoding the footage, I'm planning to upload it to Youtube--uncut (okay, cut in the middle to fit the Youtube size limits, whatever--no FOOTAGE is cut). I did some random things near the beginning and end just for the hell of it, but I figured it'd be a fun way to show that I am still horrifically inconsistent at this whole ARS 1 preview no floorkicks no hold thing. =P

    The Youtube links will be forthcoming--watch this space! I'll edit once everything's uploaded and good to go (a shame it probably won't be ready by the end of Torikan day by me--stupid slow craptop processor).

    EDIT: They're live!

    The I Suck at Death Show, Part 1

    The I Suck at Death Show, Part 2

    Also, my week's record is nestled in there--I'll give you a hint: it's the ONLY time I broke 300. How obnoxious. I'll post up the details in the thread once I get the video done.

    Anyway, it's a nice way to show just how much pain goes into those record-breaking plays--it'd be fun to see some others upload some uncut footage of 10-20 minutes of playthroughs. Is anyone else game?

  2. Sure, why not. I'll record 10 minutes of Death footage so everyone can see how much I suck. Sounds like fun.


    The video is pretty low-quality and the audio is almost imperceptible, but I'm not sure how to fix that.
  3. Unless there's a way to capture video in OSX that someone can tell me about, an .inp is all I can contribute. I'm not sure how many other people are playing TAP on MAME 0.123, though.

    Edit How do I erase the nvram or whatever thing that I need to erase in order to capture a proper one?

  4. I don't erase mine, because I like having my records, but moving has the same effect (Mame just creates a new one).

    Either way, it's the "nvram" folder, and the file is tgm2p.nv

    Just delete/move it
  5. Generally by deleting the relevant file. Not sure what it would be called...
  6. Altimor

    Altimor a.k.a. Ghett0

    That made even me (I normally don't laugh) chuckle.
  7. If encoding videos didn't destroy Texmaster (and also take all afternoon) I'd do a video of consecutive runs.

    Even though I should be able to break 300 regularly, if I'm not concentrating properly (and I'm usually not) or I push for speed, the majority of my games won't be anywhere near that high. I can often die before 100 or even 50 sometimes.
  8. Let's see how I manage TA Death during 10 min of playing:

    It is more or less luck but anyway. Maybe someone can learn something by watching these rounds of input lag evil. One day once my doom device is ready, I will wipe out all of input lag forevah! Muhahaha! *shot*
  9. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    My run.

    Warning: contains a level 459 performance around the middle.

    Cross-posted to the records thread.
  10. Muf


    Warning? Are you afraid people might get jealous? [​IMG]
  11. Ok, I've just watched every video so far. Hopefully people won't mind some general drive-by advice.

    EIHoppe: Your skill level is exactly the sort of player I was thinking about when I made this thread. Stay tuned for (hopefully) useful advice.

    Billmaan: You're in a similar situation as EIHoppe. Additionally, perhaps you know this move is possible, but during your play you missed some great opportunities to make use of it. It's a very useful and easy to execute move, so try to force yourself to learn it thoroughly.

    mushroom: (If it weren't torikan week) I'd recommend you play some slower 20G, like Master mode with the 20G code or even Death with a cheat to give you extremely long ARE. You've developed some good foundation skills, but it's evident that the speed is currently too much for you to put much thought into strategy of piece placement. Most placements seem like a panic placements to keep yourself from dying in the very short term.

    L0st: You actually are showing very strong stability in construction! Easily the strongest so far in the thread... However you have a seriously bad habit that ensures almost instant death after level 300: perhaps 25% of all your placements involve a double-tap left or right. Learn to prioritize single-tap and DAS placements and I have a feeling you will improve dramatically.

    DeHackEd: You don't suck! [​IMG]
  12. ei


    The funny bit is my disparity even between TA Death and something like Sudden TI--with 3 previews, hold, T&I floorkicks, I can survive 20G indefinitely and it's just the speed that kills me (right about 300, amusingly). With TA Death and only 1 preview, no hold, and no floorkicks, I just haven't fully caught the hang of good TAP-style ARS stacking. I figure once that starts to click a bit more (even in the last couple weeks, I've improved bounds--when I was starting my Sudden/TA Death training, I generally averaged under 100 because of lack of ARS understanding), I'll jump way ahead.

    Case in point: I survive a similar number of levels with the 20G code entered for either TGM or TAP. =P


  13. Thank you ct for your advices. Always helps. My double-tap problem has to do with unsynchronized DAS times, and I will do whatever I can to improve it.

    I am of course trying to figure out a way to make DAS and input as synchronized as possible. Then it is just to learn timing and stop the double-tap habit.
  14. This sort of applies here:

    In the spirit of the Carnival of Death, I've made a video of Sudden mode on Texmaster with no manual locking. It shows the actual speed of the game, which isn't always clear on videos where the player locks manually faster than the game forces him to.

    This was my second try, so there isn't as many mistakes with me mis-timing the ARE, but there's still a few.

    I also think it's a reasonable display of 20G stacking slow enough for a beginner to follow, though it's far from perfect. Has a few of the more obscure 20G tricks too.

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