Challenge: The ultimate Tap Multi-challenge

Thread in 'Competition' started by cyberguile, 27 Feb 2012.

  1. Getting a bit bored of playing master mode and try to reach Gm (even though I'm not like amnesia: I know I will make it. some day :p ) so I thought about something to change a bit my habits of playing and found that idea:
    The Ultimate TAP multi-challenge.

    What is the ultimate TAP multi-challenge ?

    It's easy.
    Play master mode.
    Get to S9 999.
    Clear the fading roll with more than 32 lines cleared.
    And of course: get at least 5 different medals (with at least three silver medals), sub-10min20 999, sub 900 S9, sub 530 S1, more than 300 000 points and prove us your true stacking skills :D

    Video is necessary, counterstop abuse is strongly recommended and mfm005 is needed in this topic. Master mfm005, come back among us B)

    Of course, if someone manages to do this before april... we will just make the challenge even more difficult :)
  2. K


    I never really checked about +300K points. Is level abuse sufficiant or specific behavior is required ??
  3. you will need to combo a lot ^^
  4. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Just this point discourages would be already enough with 4 medals no ?
  5. Just try and go for as much conditions as you can ^^
    I'm trying to sort something out for a "ranking", checking what conditions are harder than others.
    My first submission to the topic:

    Everything except for the 300k score ^^

    PS: the edo cheat pack doesn't count the lines cleared in the fading roll

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