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  1. I've become interested in the Ti decoration and how it works. I wrote a little document (here) that I'm planning on adding information to.

    First: is my breakdown of the decorations accurate? I get hazy after the red/green/gold medals because I don't have that many decorations yet. Also, how many small Tetris shields do you need for the huge decoration? Somebody told me the final one is 1 million decorations but I find that hard to believe.

    Also, do we have any research on how the decoration system works? I've just begun to record my decoration results from games in the hopes of finding patterns but if we had better knowledge already that'd be great.
  2. Wow, I just discovered that I am far, FAAAAAAAAAAAR from the huge Tetris decoration, lol.

    By the way, I know this will probably change the subject of this thread, but, here's my problem : the special effects don't work. For example, the fireworks look like shit and are barely visible.
    How can I fix that ? Thank you for your responses.
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    Changing your nvidia card for an ATI may resolve your problem.
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    Sakrua mode gives a crazy amount of decoration. I've postulated it's partially because of all the wall kicking and "clever" placements you need to execute but never had the chance to verify that.
  5. K : Oh... Well, I'm fucked.

    For decorations though, making a bravo in Master mode gives ZILLIONS of decorations.
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    The decoration system is documented in the Japanese TGM3 document (which I forget exactly where it is)

    Just don't ragequit early on in a game (give up playing) as that will actually remove medals.
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    it's a little bit exagerated. Bravo give you more point but not that much compared to the total amount needed to max out.
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    that sucks, it is 100% useless.
  9. naaaah
    having the huge decoration is sooo sexy :)
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    there is only 2 way to get it :
    - be patient and pray everyday for your account to not screw up
    - hack it.
  11. Everything is correct up to this point; it should be:

    [​IMG][​IMG] = [​IMG]

    My proof:


    I too have wondered about the [​IMG] icon, but it hasn't appeared for me when I received the large decoration.

    (Edit: Note that the image files are linked to the files on TWF's dropbox, so once they are removed this post will not make sense. :p)

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  12. so "all" you need to get the huge decoration is 2500 games with good results. at 100 yens a game in japan by the time, top players must have eaten a lot of ramens lol
  13. Ah, thank you! I'll correct that. I wonder if those who have disassembled the game can tell us anything about the little TETRIS shield.
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  15. nice video :biggrin:

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