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Thread in 'Competition' started by m.kevin, 2 Oct 2011.

  1. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Not amazing here I think anyone who get 999 is S9 so i am sure BRAVOs dont change anything

    I am curious to understand how does the point count, as we know :

    Normal fading :

    Single : 0,04
    Double : 0,08
    Triple : 0,12
    TETRIS : 0,26

    BIG fading :

    Single (2 lines) : 0,04 or 0,08 ?
    Double (4 lines) : 0,08 or 0,16 ?
    Triple (6 lines) : 0,12 or 0,12 ?
    TETRIS (8 lines) : 0,26 or 0,52 ?
  2. Kan is MasterO at Big Mode?? Is there any video, I really would like to watch it...

    The sad part is that my poor PC doesn`t allow me to record a gameplay at TGM3 :S

    I know is not amazing, just telling xD my record of Bravos I think it is 11...
    And yes, It would be really hard (impossible(?) xD) to reach 999 and not getting S9... xD
    About BIG Fading Grading... Don`t forget the Bravo is equal to 0.50 points at Normal Fading... So it could be possible to be equal to 1 full grade at Big...

    PS: New Best MasterK in 06:20:23... Amazing...
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  3. M, 7:00:81. Survived credit roll (barely). Missed my chance to take a screen shot.
  4. Master @ 7:46.23
  5. I got MasterK in 06:16:40, Credit Roll Cleared ;)
    Happy New Year to all of you guys :)
    Keep Stacking!!

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  6. Another time improvement!!!
    I got MasterK in 06:00:38, Credit Roll Cleared ;)
    Keep Stacking!!

  7. I don't know how but somehow I got...
    I got MasterV in 06:10:15, Credit Roll Cleared, or course ;)
    Date: 09/23/2012

    The funny thing is that I tried to record gameplays on TGM3 (you all know that I don't used to do it because my PC is not powerful), and using Capture Solution allows me to play as if I wasn't recording at all.
    So affotunatelly I recorded this gameplay ;)

    Video Replay:

    Keep Stacking!!

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  8. I think I hear crickets chirping on this board....

    In my first serious go at Big Mode, I got S9, 868, 9:34:43. That should make all the rest of you feel better about yourselves. ;)
  9. upload_2015-12-21_12-52-52.png
    yay for reviving old threads
    I'd post the video but it has Joel playing Undertale in the background so
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  10. [​IMG]
    Same grade but way faster. M, 999 @ 6:21:70.

    I got about 5 bravos in the first three sections, then none for the rest of the game, and two in the credits.
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  11. oops
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  12. 20160521223933_1.jpg
    Hey I finally reached the credits can I have a cookie now?
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. upload_2016-7-11_19-50-44.png
  15. upload_2017-1-21_3-38-32.png
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  16. upload_2017-5-29_0-37-42.png
  17. oh yeah this thread exists
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  18. [​IMG]
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  19. Seeing the wires and a bit of the JROK at the bottom just goes to show how janky that setup really was.
    I was sitting next to caith as he put up that M9, really thought that was going to be a Master grade.

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