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Thread in 'Competition' started by colour_thief, 22 Nov 2008.

  1. Yeah, I played some TGM1 in Zinc well before I joined TC and started playing Texmaster about 6 months before joining TC. I guess I only started playing Ti modes when I played Tex though. D'oh!
  2. Awesome man! Well done!:awe:
    How difficult did you find it compared to Sudden Ti and how much did you lock after 500?
  3. It's harder but only because of the inherent lag in Ti even on the real hardware. 1200 is significantly more difficult as a result, but the rest of the game is more or less the same. The faster garbage doesn't really bother me unless I have a run where I have to make a drastic double well garbage repair. I didn't lock as fast as I could from 500-650ish but after that it was balls out to 1000. Possibly some of my best gameplay ever.
  4. Congrats Kevin!
    Looks like you're well-prepared for AGDQ!
  5. Dammit XD

  6. HOLY CRAP!!! Congrats, you smashed the record!
  7. Dude! I just watched the video! Damn, you really did it! And damn, you looked really happy :p
    Congratz Kev! ;)
  8. [​IMG]

    kevin can see the matrix
  9. Absolutely amazing. Congratulations, a job well done!

    ... When's GM?
  10. Muf


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  11. Board update anyone? :)
  12. [​IMG]
    Still got it!
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  13. Wow, that's pretty good! Breaking that torikan is not an easy feat!
  14. No internet for 8 days, but hey, at least it allowed me to do that =p

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  15. Double post since it’s been a while, I just wanted to say 5 frames of lag or whatever ain’t gonna stop me at all c:

    (and I fixed my Madcatz stick, the top kept getting out XD)


    EDIT: No personal best update, but damn, while I’m stuck in an endless loop of sucking at Master mode, I seem to be beasting Shirase in and out. That’s my stats for today, I played 6 games :
    1) S6 (with Gold SK \o/)
    2) S5 torikan’d after some awesome recovery
    3) S6 again, almost torikan’d but I played like a fucking ninja through the end of section 5 and barely let any time for the music to change haha
    4) S5 torikan’d with what I would consider a shitty time =p (2:34)
    5) S6 whatever
    6) S5 torikan’d @ 2:28 (fuck XD) with a random bravo in it
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  16. [​IMG]

    Slightly higher level, slower time.
    I was expecting to hit 200 so wasn't prepared for the speed.. had a chance for a tetris to get me way down but nope. Oh well. A record is a record even if it's just by 3 levels.
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  17. Burbruee, taking over the world, 3 levels at a time

    Congrats, you've gotten a bunch of PBs recently, here's hoping to see some more!
  18. And it makes no sense to me at all.. A couple of weeks ago I was having really bad games, misdropping like crazy between 0-300 in master and saying to myself that I will never learn to be good with a stick, or even be close to my keyboard records. But since I got my TAP pcb I've started playing more (ironically, mostly TGM1 and Ti)
    My time has been extremely limited too, working 9 days in a row right now and being super tired as I get home, usually just playing max ~5-10 games or so before sleep. And usually they have been PBs.

    Next week I have less work and more time to play. So hopefully more records to come. :)

    One thing is for sure. Buying that Blast City cabinet last year and then finally getting the monitor chassis fixed a few months ago really made me fall in love with the game(s) again.
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  19. This one felt good. Really good. Level 1219 @ 5:33:90... not any significant improvement in over three years, eh? :(

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