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    The Tetrisconcept 3.0 relaunch has been under wraps for far too long. I'd really like to enlist some help in finishing up so we can launch the new site.

    Task #1 - MediaWiki skinning
    Description: Make MediaWiki integrate visually with the style of the new site
    Prerequisite skills: PHP, CSS, sifting through kludged template code
    Assigned: None

    Task #2 - MediaWiki forum integration
    Description: Replace Wiki Talk pages with an automatic forum thread in a special subforum.
    Prerequisite skills: PHP, Zend
    Assigned: Qlex

    The wiki will be moved to tetriswiki.com, so no XenForo integration will be needed any more.

    Task #3 - Automatic leaderboards
    Description: Write a forum module that keeps track of leaderboards, with a record submission page where a player can enter values into predefined form fields. A moderator then manually approves the record (usually by verifying the legitimacy of the screenshot) and it gets automatically added to the leaderboard.
    Prerequisite skills: PHP, Zend
    Assigned: [-Steve-] TGGC

    Task #4 - Automatic tournaments
    Description: Similar to the leaderboard module, but to make it easier for members to organise tournaments. See Forum Tournaments & Ladders for inspiration.
    Prerequisite skills: PHP, Zend
    Assigned: TGGC

    Task #5 - TeDiGe forum integration
    Description: Integrate TeDiGe into the forum. Add support for [fumen] tags and [tedige] tags. Make it easy to create a new TeDiGe diagram from within the forum post editor. A tutorial to get started: Creating a Custom BB Code in XenForo
    Prerequisite skills, PHP, Zend, JavaScript
    Assigned: Qlex, PetitPrince

    Please report in if you want to help :)
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  2. I know we've talked about it in the past, but I haven't really commit to it. I know all the scripts that I have made would be useful for the leaderboard management and now that I'm taking a WebDev class at my college, I feel confident enough to tackle something like this.

    Sign me up for #3 :D
  3. Muf


    Signed you up for the leaderboards!

    Anyone else up for any of the other positions?
  4. Would love to do something, but I know nothing of every of these languages. Can I still try and do something?
  5. Muf


    Sure. What do you want to try your hand at?
  6. Hmm, I'll give #2 a shot
  7. Muf


    Assigned! Hit me up on IRC or Facebook when you need login details.
  8. I'd be really interested in "borrowing" the leaderboard format for my own future project....I used to run scoreboards for Tetris Attack and Mr. Driller, but it was too much of a pain in the ass to manage. Something like this would be awesome! Steve, if you're willing, I would love to have access to your work when you're finished...

    I'd help in this but I'm a pure gamer and nothing more...I could be of no help! :(
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  9. I have good experience with MediaWiki having administered one in the past. I can also muddle through PHP and CSS if needed, but I'm by no means a PHP/CSS expert. I should have a few weeks in the near future with some free time. Consider me second-string or if you need another set of eyes on a problem.
  10. Where is the code currently being hosted? Not a huge fan of PHP, but I can take a look and decide if I want to help out with anything.
  11. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    I guess I've been voluntold to help
  12. \o/

    This topic goes from page 3 to PAGE 1!!! Okay that's what happens when you post in there I didn't know.

    Stuff is going on, ladies and gentlemen!
  13. Muf


    Qlex made a good point about this during the Eindhoven meeting: wouldn't it be cool if TC 3.0 was up in time for AGDQ? If potentially thousands of new visitors drop by...

    So, can we make it a deadline? Can I have some more volunteers? Currently Qlex is the only person actively working on it :'(
  14. Muf



    I just had an interesting idea. Or at least, I think it's interesting.

    The situation is as follows. I'd like something similar to a shoutbox, but interfacing with IRC. The tetrisconcept IRC channel is #tetris on QuakeNet, and QuakeNet has a QWebIRC gateway (which we currently use for the "Live Chat" link at the top of the forum index). Now hypothetically, it should be possible to connect to that gateway using a modified version of QWebIRC, served from the tetrisconcept.net web server. QWebIRC is completely client-side JavaScript, so there shouldn't be a difference between connecting from webchat.quakenet.org or connecting from tetrisconcept.net.

    This is where things get interesting. We could run an IRC bot that runs on the tetrisconcept.net web server, which continually updates a static json (or whatever) file that contains a certain amount of lines of IRC backlog from #tetris. We could do clever things here like resolve web chat nicknames to forum usernames, and give web users some kind of flair to indicate that they're web clients.

    Now this would mean that to see the backlog, users won't have to actually log in to IRC at all until the very moment they want to say something. This would drastically cut back on connect/disconnect spam for QuakeNet. Furthermore, the QWebIRC client could be modified to save its state in session local storage or whatever, so that a) having TC open in multiple tabs will have the chat box share the same IRC connection, and b) navigating the forum won't cause disconnects (until you close the last tab or navigate away from TC, in which case the connection would quietly time out).

    This also means that web users won't have to join any channels at all! If you set the channel mode for #tetris to -n (allow external messages), anyone can send a message to the channel as if they were joined to the channel, using /msg #tetris <message content>. This means no join/part/quit spam of web users from the point of view of people connected via regular IRC clients.

    Going further, the TC web gateway bot could keep track of whoever currently has the chat box open on the website, and if someone asks a question but then leaves, the bot could send a /notice to whoever highlights that web user in a reply, saying something like "<some user> has left the web chat." Taking that idea further, any ping/highlight when a web user isn't online could be retained for 24 hours, and served as a notification if the user comes back on within that time.

    Extending the flair idea, forum users could fill out an IRC hostmask in their profile indicating which IRC nickname is associated with their forum account, and have messages from that nickname flaired accordingly in the web chat history. Something like <Mufʷᵉᵇ> for my web chat messages, and <Mufᶦʳᶜ> for messages from my IRC client.

    The main advantage here compared to an IRC shoutbox like Hard Drop used to have, is a more transparent integration from the point of view of IRC users. A web user would just be web_muf, and QuakeNet allows 15-character nicknames, so I'm pretty sure most forum usernames would fit, or at least fit far enough to be recognisable. It's also a mostly client-side solution that divides the server load between tetrisconcept.net and the QuakeNet web gateway, and shouldn't severely stress either of them. Another advantage is the possibility to send and receive private messages, which is impossible with a shoutbox gateway that only works via a parrot bot.
  15. I'm no expert on the thing, but that looks awesome! I don't go on the channel that often, but I guess I'd love to see that as like an apparent chat that you see on the main page. Don't know if I'm the only one in this case (yeah I'm very lazy lol)
  16. Hi, I would like to help, too! I am kind of busy until the end of this month, but I would be interested in doing something for leaderboards and ladders if help is still needed.
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  17. I'm unemployed till August (though out of the country July 14-28...) so I have nothing better to do. If people still want to do this stuff I'd be down as well. No preference on any of it.
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  18. It's been a long time since I've done webdev, but I could help with something along the lines of asm.js/emscripten/WebGL/other tedious work.
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  19. Holy molly! You snowballed it all @Amnesia !

    It's amazing that we get so many people to get to that... I have to say I didn't properly take care of the tedige forum integration... If people are interested in that one you can always scratch me off that list, Muf :(
  20. Did I mention that I'd prefer to be paid in TAP boards?
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