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  1. The time has come to one again throw yourselves recklessly into danger!
    May your week be filled with DYING and DEATH!
    May you set a new record before you BREATHE your last BREATH!

    You guys know the drill, lets play the everliving crap out of T.A. DEATH for a week and see where the danger takes you!
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  2. Ha, what a fun idea ! Can't wait to get home
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  3. I wish this forum theme stuck for everywhere else too.

    A-Anyway, yeah, I'll work on Death more. ^^;
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  4. gonna get the freakin M this week
  5. Eyyy it's back to the time of year where my avatar is relevant again because I never bothered changing it back from the last one.

    Ashamed that I completely forgot on March 25th, but I'll definitely at least make an effort to contribute.
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  6. 156
    not my PB yet, but i'll try hard to contribute to the toll :)
    love the idea <3

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