What is the oldest 4 player Tetris game that has garbage? (like the GB/SNES garbage)

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  1. I am looking for the oldest Tetris game that will allow you to player 4 players simultaneously on the screen, but in a mode that allows garbage? But not just any garbage, but the same kind of garbage that is used on the SNES game "Tetris & Dr. Mario" when you play in the versus mode. This "simplest" is the kind of garbage that when you clear 4 lines with an "I-Block" (straight line) it pushes your opponent's stack 4 lines higher. It would also be neat if when in 4 player mode it would push all 3 of your opponents stacks 4 lines higher (just like on the SNES version) If this feature is not available than please let me know what game is closest to this. Mainly I just want traditional "versus" Tetris in 4 player with traditional Garbage. I also like the way on the SNES version that when a player's piece touched bottom it would stick. In other words you could not rotate it after it touched bottom - your decisions were final. All in all I am looking for the oldest traditional Tetris game that has 4 player "versus" mode with traditional Garbage. Thanks
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    Not sure if its the oldest 4-player Tetris but The New Tetris for N64 is one of the first versions of Tetris that allowed 4-players to vs each other: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zj8NBL3JSAo
    Not too sure how similar the garbage system is to SNES Tetris but it still looks to be a 'close bet' for what your after.

    - Jono

    EDIT: Tetris 64 is also 4-player :biggrin:
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    One of the Super Famicom games, I think, but I think they ask do some crazy things with how attacks are distributed between players. I think ST3 Familis mode would even allow you to accidentally attack yourself, haha. they also have half a second of lock delay rather than instant lock, though this is obviously closer to what you want than modern games.
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    The 4 player vs in Super Tetris 3 has playfields that are only 7 wide, same as in Tetris X on PlayStation. There's a targetting system, with a cycling display showing who your current target is. It allows you to add or subtract lines from any individual player's playfield, including your own; or add or subtract lines from all the playfields at once. So like Kitaru said, it's possible to accidentally attack yourself, or even help other players out, either accidentally or deliberately. There's a 1:1 relationship between lines cleared, and lines added/subtracted, so a single would add/subtract 1, a double would add/subtract 2, etc.

    I don't think there was any 4 player vs prior to ST3, at least not officially; ST3 had its own special multitap, and 4 controller ports weren't available as standard on any Nintento console until the N64 (Nintendo had the console rights for Tetris at that time). There may have been some unofficial PC version predating ST3 that allowed 4 player vs, but I'm not aware of any.
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    If you don't accept Super Tetris 3 as the earliest - which you may do because of the odd mechanism and narrow pits, then you might consider Tetris64 which came out early in the N64's life before New Tetris.

    Its garbage system is like Tetris&Dr Mario's but instead of automatically sending it, it lets you store it up and then dish it out a line at a time to whoever you like (you use the N64 camera buttons - one for each opponent - each press sends a line to the selected opponent). It's quite a nice system and one I haven't seen in any other version. Tetris64 also allows you to toggle features such as wall kicks and rotation schemes - so is worth a look.

    Hard to find many videos of this game and this one isn't very good as the players don't seem to know what they are doing but at least you will get a look at the game.
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