what's wrong with tetris today

Thread in 'Discussion' started by paul, 1 Apr 2011.

  1. does anyone else think there was a better time to play tetris?

    i think henk rogers has become megalomaniac and pajtinov has become a marketing tool who plays along promoting tetris games he doesn't care about.

    the games are not built for competitive gaming despite big words from henk and alex. they don't organize anything. unfortunately competitive gaming nowadays is all about tgm highscores.

    it seems to me that the active but small hardcore community only plays tgm and has no interest in official games. does anyone know how many ppl play tgm worldwide? how many in the western countries?

    the homebrew games get overrated, segment the community, have a short lifespan and hurt the development of official games.

    post ur thoughts about tetris!
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  4. Welcome to the modern world.
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  6. Homebrew games actually have a much longer potential lifespan than official games ever will. Official games are designed with planned obsolescence, based on the business model of selling people slight upgrades periodically, and a license is more of a subscription than a one-time payment.

    Fan games, on the other hand, can continue as long as the developers and players are still interested, without any such limitations. More people are playing on the NullpoMino server all the time. You should check it out too.
  7. April fools!
  8. really not worth posting here anymore
  9. well paul... I play an official game ;). although it was released in 1989 lol :)

    Let people play the tetris that makes them happy the community is far from fragmented... Even we who specialize in classic tetris are a part of it (although sometimes thought of as the "crazy uncles" of the tetris world).

    If the folks like a fan created game, who cares let them do what makes them smile!
  10. I think that's the funniest part; TGMers play official games released in 1998, 2000, and 2005. :V

    Well put. :)

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