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  1. Because I am trying to get into 20G maybe I join and will be infinitely happy if I do a run of five games with an average above 100. ;)
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  2. Switching to the next day changes nothing, am I right? If I get two high games, go to sleep, then get three high games the day after it will count?
  3. I'm going to guess the answer is that they have to be in a row on one continuous stream.
  4. Yeah I think it would make sense for them to be. There's debatable validity over whether they were truly consecutive otherwise.

    Plus you shouldn't be be able to put in one or two performances in your peak performance time each day and have them count as five in a row so long as you don't play any on stream in between :p
  5. There is now easy way to show, that there was no stream in between two other segments, which you have deleted afterwards. So If you do a good game, you could stop and restart your stream and if you fail in the next game, you would stop/start again and delete this segment. So in case of twitch, I would say you need one highlight with 5 games.
  6. I'm going to play ABSOLUTE(LY) terrible.


    I'm going to participate.
  7. Everyone will! :twisted:
  8. Hoping people out there don't have as terrible an internet connection as I do. I'm always at a risk of my Twitch connection suddenly dropping only to reconnect a moment later.
  9. I think if you're also local recording while attempting to broadcast, the uninterrupted recording should serve as sufficient final proof of the streak of games.
  10. 12 more hours hype?! (assuming muf timezone)
  11. I'm out
  12. MTS

  13. Is the usual midnight deadline for the carnival going to be extended until 1am on the basis that Europe loses an hour this weekend to DST? :p
  14. Muf


    Usually the carnival starts at midnight CET and ends at midnight EST. :p
  15. K


    YES this is the best solution to prevent pre- recorded game.
    Texmaster player will have to create a new account with those initials as well :D
  16. K


    updated the rules... starting in around 30 min :

    To prevent cheating with pre-recorded game you will have to do the following on stream :
    - MAME : enter those specific initial "777" with hidden ranking code (press A+B+C at game over). Done at least 1 time out of the 5 games
    - Texmaster : create a new profile with this same name "777".

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