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Thread in 'Other games' started by herc, 14 Jan 2007.

  1. hy i just stumbled upon


    its a quite cool website dedicated to not only polyominoes, but to all kinds of geometrical puzzle games. it also has a subpage about my favourite puzzle game DROD:

    "According to ratings at the-underdogs.org, the best puzzle game of all time is Deadly Rooms of Death: Architects' Edition. "

    highly suggested for some brainwork! anyone here played it? likes it? or not?

    (sorry for going off-topic)
  2. "some sneaky sneak thought i'd miss this one, but beethro spots them all!"
  3. It's a very nice site. Been in my bookmarks for a while...

    And as for DROD: It's a very good but often frustrating puzzle game. Completely turn based though, so your speed skills aren't very useful. Sorry...

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