Records: [ALL GAMES] Best 40 lines

Thread in 'Competition' started by makalaka, 5 May 2009.

  1. 27.58, Blockbox :)
  2. I guess if you're going to necro this, I might as well update my ages-old score here.

    27.00 NM (EDIT: 227 TPM)

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  3. I really don't think it's worth it posting here. The leaderboard is seriously outdated...
    I'm pretty sure 13 out of the first 15 players have much better times now. Plus, who cares about 40L :p
  4. translation: </butthurt>

  5. Muf


    Sounds like the perfect moment to revive it, and what better way to do it than to start posting records again? Chin up, bro!
  6. Since I can't update the OP, I'll just provide this:

    That's how the Blockbox leaderboards looked like before they went down, without dupe accounts.

    A few notes: Radiance is Reveillark, AcroAmphibian is kotetsu, Apocalypse is now at 21.66. And, of course, that screenshot is outdated too, a lot of people have set new records on NM.

    The reason I was being negative was because I think most people that care about 40L are on HD, and no one here would post their scores.
  7. Yeah, even with my basically never playing 40L I'm at 33.80 now.

    Well, I'm sort of proud of this to be honest, never thought I could go so fast.

    I haven't taken this mode seriously ever, but I'm starting to like it now. And I'm getting better and faster. Just about 1-2 weeks ago I was at 1:12 or something like that. Now I can finish at 1:03 on average without even trying.

    EDIT: new

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