Anyone play 2-player Tetris alone?

Thread in 'Discussion' started by The_Jonas, 14 Mar 2006.

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    Hi I guess I'm quite a Tetrisnoob on this forum [​IMG]. Anyway I only have Windows Tetris (from 1990) and it has no piece preview in 2-player mode which sucks and the highest level isn't fast enough for 1-player imho. Here is 2 vids I took a while ago, the 1-player is on the highest level and the 2-player is on the next highest level (with no piece preview). Anyone knows a fast Tetris version for PC or with piece preview in 2-player mode? ... 85578.html ... 85580.html
  2. woah, two simultaneous games. awesome vid. just awesome.
  3. I can play Doubles all alone in TGM2+ up to lvl 200 (both players). Using joysticks. [​IMG]
  4. Hahaha, that double's vid pretty funny/crazy tetris playing. I tried it once ages back when I was'nt very good at tetris, it was with NEAVE tetris (which I despise) on the macs at school. Needless to say I did not last long...........

    I have to try it again some day.

    - Jono
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    Damn I think it is impossible to survive in the highest level by playing 2-player alone in Windows Tetris with a keyboard. If anyone can do this, please show a movie [​IMG]. No peace preview, the peaces gets locked very fast, the keys interfere with each other as you press 2 keys at the same time
  6. Well, when I play Doubles alone in TGM2 I survive faster speeds than your video, but I do have piece preview and a slow lock time.

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