Tournament: BB 1v1 Tournament ****NOW****

Thread in 'Competition' started by Corrosive, 15 Mar 2009.

  1. Kevin over Amnesia 10-2
  2. Only sandibaby and SimMarine are left to play their match.

    bracket updated!
  3. Whoops. My internet was out for a few days when I had signed up, and I completely forgot, heh.

    I'm still around in the chat, not sure if my opponent happens to visit too.
  4. Ah hm.
  5. Not sure why she would go and do that. ):

    I feel a bit odd having to move on without a game, especially because I wasn't here for the first half when the first round started. Sure you wouldn't want to play tomorrow or something?
  6. she told me that on facebook too. ive had to forfeit three people in the first round but hey, atleast we're moving along.

    the first seed of the tourney is over, i'll update the bracket and upload the second seed matches later today.

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