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Thread in 'Competition' started by orz, 29 Sep 2009.

  1. orz


    Tetris the Grandmaster

    [TGM] 20G Mode
    [TGM] umop ap!sdn
    [TGM][TAP] Secret Grade
    [TGM][TAP][Ti] Lowest Grade
    [TGM] Miscellaneous Challenges
    [TGM][TAP] One-handed
    [TGM] Avoid the single
    [TGM][TAP] The mfm005's Challenge

    Tetris The Absolute The Grand Master 2 PLUS

    [TAP] Normal
    [TAP] Master
    [TAP] Master 20G
    [TAP] Master BIG BLOCK
    [TAP] TGM+
    [TAP] T.A. Death
    [TAP] Doubles
    [TAP] Item Modes
    [TAP] Miscellaneous Challenges
    [TAP] M-Roll Invisible Resistance
    [TAP] Master Sugoi Kakkoii Medal (or whatever)

    Tetris the Grandmaster 3: Terror Instinct

    [Ti] Easy
    [Ti] Master
    [Ti] Shirase


    Novice and Normal
    Special and Sudden
    Special and Sudden Ti
    Sudden Ti 000-300 Time Attack
    Sudden Ti Roll Resistance!


    Blockbox Player-Run Open
    TC Blockbox Tetris League - SEASON 3 HAS ENDED
    Kevcel's Tetris DS Tourney - HAYATE WINS - Videos added
    Tetris: The Seattle Grandmasters [Friday 7/17 @ 6pm]
    x360 contest is over. And the winner is...
    Sakura Tetris: The Grand Master (TGM3 Tourney @ SakuraCon09)


    [KeyBlox] 40 Lines and 2 Minutes
    Jewelry Master Twinkle
    [NullpoMino] Phantom Mania
    [Heboris] Beginner Tamaya Trial
    Tetris with CARDCAPTOR SAKURA!!
    [Lockjaw] 40 Lines & 180 Seconds
    [Typomino & TypingTetromino]
    "CT " vs "196" (colour_thief vs Lardarse)
    [Heboris] Master - #G4
    [Heboris] 20G-#G4 / Hebo Mini Master-Hard 20G
    Negative Secret form
    Miscellaneous Tetris Achievements
    Shmups Challenge - Fourth Round: Guwange
    [ALL] GAMES]Best 40 lines
    ZTetris, 59899
    [Tetris Friends] Tetris 1989
    [TDS] Marathon
    Nintendo Game Boy TETRIS PLUS
    [ST3] Endless Classic
    Tetris & Dr. Mario
    [ALL] 100 Lines Open Challenge
    Tetris Party Tournament (Wii)
    [Lockjaw] BLIND 40 Lines/180 Seconds
    [Lockjaw] Cascade
    [lj65/tetramino] Center-Slow and Bottom-Slow
    [Texmaster] No Hold SpecialTi/SuddenTi!
    [Tessellate] 20G Garbage Drills
    Amnesia VS Kevin DDR ---> Today 7pm (Fr) !!
    BB 1v1 Tournament ****NOW****
    The punishment of Kevin Birrell... (500/999 @ 3:53.16!)
    [Heboris] ACE-HELL
    [Off-Topic] Speedcubing
    CONTEST N°1 : 0G player class (Round 2)
    DEATH TOLL 2009
    [Heboris] Old Style
    [Heboris] Original
    [Texmaster] Ti-World
    TAP : DEATH cobayes
    [Heboris] ACE leaderboard
    Texmaster Sudden Ti - Torikan Time Attack
    [Pochi and Nyaa] PochiNyaa Attack
    [Texmaster] Sudden Ti - 1200-1300 Time Attack
    [to be decided] Combo
    [offtopic]Sports Vision Trainings
    [Heboris] G1 Lowest Grade Challenge
    Magical Drop III
    Off Topic: W00t I got a full secret grade in TDS
    [Texmaster] Sudden (Ti) 500+
    [Sega Tetris (198B)]
    [Tetris Party] Marathon Best Time
    [Nintendo "Mini Classics": Tetris] B game challenge
    [CLASSIC] "Tetris Classic" High Scores
    [Off-Topic] Shmups High Score Thread
    [TDS] Personal Highest Wi-Fi Rating
    [TetrisFriends] Solo and Marathon
    [TGM3][Texmaster] Global TI SHIRASE
    mushroom's Stupid Challenges Thread
    [TOD] Lockjaw the Overdose
    [Texmaster] Score Attack (Beta 2 Patch 3)
    [Cubestorm] Classic
    [Cubestorm] Square Challenge
    [Lockjaw] Secret Grades
    [ALL] Tetris Attack Challenge.
    [MINI] Devil-Quake
    [TDS] 20 x 9 Stacking Speed Run
    [Lockjaw] Baboo!
    Ghetto's TAS : Heboris & Texmaster
    [Carnival] Records of Death
    [Carnival] Death 500+ Survivor
    [TAP] Death 300 Resistance
    [Heboris] Shirase - Big Roll
    [TGM3][Heboris][Texmaster] Global TI MASTER
    Just for me..AND for you !
    [Heboris] The limit of concentration: Lock Delay Challenge
    [Texmaster] Special Ti
    [MINI] MRS - the spinnah' challenge
    [Heboris] Secret Grades
    [ALL] TAP Clones
    [Heboris] All modes
    [Texmaster] Normal (TGM1)
    [ALL] Tetris using dance pad
    The young grasshopper...
    [TAP] "Training mode" Ranking
    [Heboris] DOOM training

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