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Thread in 'Competition' started by TPM2209, 3 Jun 2019.

  1. It's no secret that I love Phantom Mania. It's also no secret that I love taking a game mode and twisting it to ever more ridiculous heights. So I thought, you know what would be better than 999 levels of M-roll torture? 1300 levels of Ti-M-roll torture, now with invisible garbage!

    And so Phantom Mania 2 was born. This mode is based on Shirase (Speed Mania 2 / Survival A3), except the torikans are slightly different.

    You must pass level 300 before 2:02.
    You must pass level 500 before 3:03.
    You must pass level 800 before 4:45.
    You must pass level 1000 before 5:38.

    Grading and other info is available on the page for Phantom Mania 2. Unlike Phantom Mania, there are no Master or GM grades, only S1 to S9 and m1+ grades.

    I will put up a Ti-ARS and SRS leaderboard for the time being. If anyone wants to try it with Classic ARS, I'll create it then, but that's true suicide.

    High score is calculated first by level reached, then highest grade, then least time taken.

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