Carnival of Derp 2019

Thread in 'Discussion' started by Arcorann, 28 Mar 2019.

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  1. I can't believe I completely forgot about my own event! Here are a few bog-standard runs to help pad the tolls:

    crs.png srs.png ti-ars.png

    From Cambridge, SRS, and Ti-ARS respectively.
  2. Nice to see you're not dead, and thanks for putting us past last year's Herp Toll. I see three runs but only two rulesets though, which one is which?

    Also, last-minute submissions (didn't have time to improve, seriously hampered by Nullpo input lag):
    Blockdrop, The Almost Death - 500 - 4:25:36
    NullpoMino, Classic2-TransformRS - 164 - 1:39:45
    NullpoMino, Classic-O-Spin - 144 - 1:38:91
    NullpoMino, Classic-Easy-A - 399 - 3:47:88
    NullpoMino, Classic0-68K - 138 - 1:33:96
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  3. Last minute submission: Standard-Hard 500 @ 3:28
  4. Cambridge has its own ruleset now, called the Cambridge Rotation System. That's the ruleset the first run uses.
  5. Unfortunately you were about six hours late, which is a shame because it would have put us above last year's Derp Toll.

    At any rate, thanks to everyone who participated. This year we had 10 participants and 24 leaderboard entries (11 submitted by me).

    Attached is a pack consisting of all the replays for my remaining NullpoMino runs, as well as the required files for SuperLite rule (the other gimmick rules are from Oshisaure's mod pack).

    September 2019 edit: locking this thread as it is attracting spammers for some reason.

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