Challenge Series #5: TGM1 Secret Grade

Thread in 'Competition' started by JBroms, 10 Feb 2018.

  1. If anyone can find evidence that TGM Secret GM has been accomplished in the past, I would really love it! I've tried searching or asking Japanese players, but information is scarce. The same would go for any information on historical TAP/TI Secret GM completions.

    There have been a handful of TI World Secret GM videos in the past (Arika promo video and other players on Nicovideo), but I wasn't able to find any information about TI Classic Secret GM before I accomplished it. When SKH accomplished it, he also was not sure of any others. Oliver and Oshisaure have also since accomplished it. Similarly, I was not able to find any information online about TAP Secret GM when before I accomplished it. Searching for information about TGM Secret GM has yielded only players speculating about whether it is possible or exists, but nothing conclusive about it having been done in the past. It's totally plausible that it _has_ happened, but no one has heard of it happening that I've seen thus far -- no videos, no photos, no stories, just mystery.
  2. K


    Nobody got my joke :(
    Strange that there is no proof about it.
    But it sounds like a challenge that require a ridiculous amount of luck like the sub 500 gold SK..
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  3. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    No it is much more luck needed here. Getting S9 is reachable by skill and pattern knowledge, but Gm requiers a perfect serie of 4-5 pieces at the end.
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  4. Thanks to Muf's patience and continued help, I finally got the scripts working and can actually record games now. My biggest obstacle aside from that has been finding time (work, house, kids, etc). The wife just left with the baby for a bit so I'm gonna get working on that GM now! :)
  5. Not the best runs by any means, but at least a demonstration of what I'm capable of in an official setup:
    (game 1)

    (game 2)

    (game 3 - I was only at level 59 when I died on this one!)
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  6. Nice videos @Shuey. :) That last one was looking particularly clean.

    For what it's worth, I saw it was possible to live for just one more piece on the 3rd video when the J appeared, so I thought I would diagram out the movement tech for it. It uses a "Mihara's Conspiracy" style non-symmetric kick to pull the piece to the right. I also diagrammed out some wishful thinking about what the randomizer would need to do afterward to turn that into a GM solve. :)

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  7. Thanks Kitaru, and thanks for the fumen! I'm STILL learning ARS, so the steps for moving the J was helpful to see! :)
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  8. vlcsnap-2018-02-18-16h39m23s017.png

    S9 @ 155
    GM -1 mino
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  9. @Kitaru I'm continually amazed at how far you can get in the higher levels/speeds! I'm always trying to get the GM before level 100 for fear of the speed increase, lol. (but I definitely think there are times when I SHOULD clear some more lines at the top to get things lined up more for the possibility of the GM in the 100-200 realm)

    Was it possible to full DAS right with the J, top down into the hole between the L and O? I would assume no since the piece spawns in a position that automatically blocks it from going right past the L, but am not versed enough in ARS to know for sure.
  10. Yeah, I do have some where I go for a solve earlier on, but if things don't line up then I keep breaking it down and going for another approach until something looks like it'll work. It just happens that a chunk of the good games I've had were grindfests that lasted well into the 100 or even into the 200 section (not that I'd strongly recommend slowdown strats to anyone over just getting it done in sub-100). :p

    No, unfortunately the game is over in this state. The piece spawns inside the playfield and there are no upward kicks in ARS. The L is sticking up into row 20 blocking all lateral movement and there is no room to break down a line and try again. If only row 19 were obstructed then it'd be possible to use that J kick to move laterally and hook into that unfilled hole, but that's about it. There has to be space down into row 18 to rotate an I-piece, so that wouldn't have been of any use either.
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  11. I was two pieces away from getting it on this one :(

    BTW, how do I get my MAME snaps to be larger?... (without having to manually resize them?)
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  12. I think MAME snaps are native resolution. Not sure if there is an option to output them at a multiplied size.
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  13. yeah all mame snaps and vids are output at the game's native res afaik
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  14. I might leave this challenge open until Thursday. You guys are so close!
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  15. I'd also recommend to turn off bilinear filtering and use nearest neighbor instead with -nosnapbilinear
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  16. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    You two are real artists. Shuey, by activating the 20G code and practicing some session, you can learn quicky a lot of ARS rules to better anticipate it when comes the critical moment of the secret grad.
    First BIG advice : solve your ignorance of the IRS : I have watched again the 3rd video and confirmed at level 54 that you don't play with IRS, this is what killed you at the end.
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  17. Thanks for the info Vinnie! I'll try to squeeze in time to practice those things :)
  18. [​IMG]

    Don't give up on the dream everyone! One day somebody will make it.
    ....but it's cool if you want to just play some Shirase instead.
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  19. Thanks for starting this thread! I have no doubt that one of us will eventually get the GM! :)

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