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Thread in 'Competition' started by Rich Nagel, 18 Dec 2007.

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    Will do, when I get the time [​IMG]

    You're quite welcome [​IMG]

    BTW (OT) @All, you can snag all of my LJ skins and stuff from here -> (search the page for the Weeds_Lockjaw_*.* and Lockjaw_*.* files) [​IMG]
  2. hei there... im a big fan of d classic windows tetris and was wondering if any1 found a version that counts up from 33 000... cause anything i played..
    starting on level 9 goes to 18-19 000 and switches to level 10...
    background stays d same... it goes to 33 000.. some versions start counting back to 0 and then d numbering comes up as $#5$%^ such or it doesnt register on d high score since d window for count of points doesnt accommodate anything above 5 digits..
    i have made it few times to over 1000 lines but there is no clear point scores.
    any1 has come across this? any1 over 1000 lines? tnx... k
  3. That's a different game than the one this thread is about, but I know what you're talking about.

    There are two main problems with how they programmed the score counter in Microsoft Tetris. The first is that they used a single 16-bit integer to store the score, which has a fairly small max value. The second is that they also made the score counter a signed integer (i.e. the score counter can hold positive or negative numbers). If you earn more than 32,768 points, the score wraps around to -32,767 and starts counting back up to 0.

    I don't think many people are playing the Microsoft version.
  4. tnx for such informative reply.. its appreciated... apology for not recognizing a differences in d games.. great day and gaming to all.. k
  5. Sure thing, no problem. :)
  6. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    WEP tetris is completely unplayable at level ten, unless you have a slow cpu. Back i the days of 386s, i could play for a while if i turned off the turbo.
  7. Are there any new high scores for this version? My highest score to date on the 1992 Tetris Classic version is 130,773 with 582 lines.

    I've been reading thru these other comments and not sure what all the computer talk is about lol. I don't know if my computer is "slow" or not... So the simplest way for me to judge how fast it's going is on level 10 the pieces drop from top to bottom in less than 2 seconds. Is that the normal speed? Or is that slowed down? Just want to know how proficient I've become over the years since I began playing with my dad when I was little :) Thanks!!
  8. Does the game not break in strange ways after Level 10? Part of the computer talk on page 1 is regarding a bug where the game permanently resets to a slow speed and uses the wrong background graphic at that point. (see: this post)

    Out of curiosity, what Operating System are you using? Do you run the game directly or do you play it from within an emulator like DOSBox?
  9. No I've never had it break no matter the level or lines and everthing stays normal. I've been playing this version for 17 years and have never had a problem. I bought my laptop that I play it on now from my dad, and I told him to just make syre I could play Tetris on it lol. It's the only game I ever play. I don't know much about computers tho. I will have to ask him about the operating system.
  10. Ok my operating system is Windows XP Pro Sp3

    I read that link to the other post. That doesn't happen when I play. The levels always get progressively faster, and once I'm on level 10 I just play as long as I can at that pace. Nothing slows down or 'cracks'. I used to start on level 8 so I could build up tetrises by level 10, but now I just started playing level 10 the whole time to challenge myself.
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  11. And what's garbage mode?
  12. By Garbage Mode, I believe Rich was referring to the setting that adds a random garbage pattern to the field at the start of the game, though the thread is not very specific about what height setting to use.
  13. Cool thanks. Do you know about the current high scores out there? I can't find much online for this version. And since it's such a low scoring version, people who don't play it normally don't have perspective for the scoring.
  14. I'm not very knowledgeable about this one. The last I heard was colour_thief's report that the DOS version was broken (and thus the score would be easily maxed). If the Windows version doesn't have this bug, it would separate the scores for each version.
  15. Yeah that makes sense. Thanks... looks like maybe I should try a new version if I want anything to compare to lol
  16. Yeah, that's probably a good choice. If you're interested in picking up another classic era game, NES and 1988 Sega are both excellent choices. If you're up for something a bit newer that also follows in the tradition of single player challenge, games in the Tetris Grand Master series and related fan games are quite popular on these forums.

    Though, if you have a version that isn't broken, perhaps you could provide a copy of it for posterity? It'd be nice to have a record of the differences.

    The DOS version I have seems to behave the same as colour_thief's; it switches to the co-op mode background at the start of Level 11, and the scoring freaks out -- soft dropping a single piece is enough to max out the score counter. I have a score of 999,999 in exactly 100 lines by dropping a single piece after the level-up. This version would suffer from a lot of exact ties with no other useful metrics for comparison.
  17. I have scored 999,999 points on Spectrum Holobyte Classic Tetrisc 3 times. This shows my highest line total of 502.

  18. Seb


    Hi, new in the forum. This is impressive but needs verification. You should record a match on video if you are this good.


    I bring the high scores of my girlfriend Flavia:


    The game running in dosbox on 3000 standard cycles. I think you can cheat slowed it down, but all this high score table is legit. All high scores in this table are from Flavia.

    We also play the cooperative mode. I think is the best cooperative tetris to date. I don't know one better than Tetris Classic coop.

  19. Seb


    New high score from Flavia! (this is from minutes ago)

  20. Seb



    A new one from Flavia! Just moments ago. This one on a mac with dosbox!


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