Classic Tetris Tournament - Wisconsin

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  1. Thanks, Mike. I'm sure we can make that happen...
  2. What's up with Mr. Mullen being so tentative? ^^ There's still time Ben!

    Well if not, we better see you in Portland!
  3. Consider this my last ditch effort, as well:


    I want a rematch. I gots a beard. You best shave and show up, homes. Holla!

    (That probably did nothing...and makes little sense.)
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  4. Let it be written: Rizz is now the man to beat at vs. SNES Tetris!
  5. Very exciting matches at the event. Don't take my word for it - check out the videos:

    Semi Finals 1
    Semi Finals 2
    3rd/4th place

    Although it's not as big as the widely known Portland Classic Tetris Tournament, the competition is top notch, and we sure had an excellent time. It would be great to see more people give it a try next year.

    Midwest Gaming Classic is always around March/April
    GeekKon is always around September
  6. EPIC, just epic!

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