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Thread in 'Competition' started by colour_thief, 17 Jul 2010.

  1. For a bit over a year now, Tetrisconcept has been decaffeinated and run by the fans for the fans. In practice not much has actually changed, however I'm sure we all like a good excuse to celebrate. :D It's a little past the actual independence day, but nevertheless it's my pleasure to announce that we will be holding a contest in celebration of the community.

    Courtesy of mufunyo, we are offering a one-of-a-kind, Tetrisconcept arcade joystick. It's an X360 DOA stick, modded to boast full Sanwa parts and some serious style. It's compatible with PCs and X360s.

    From now until the end of August, contestants will compete in TAP's TGM+ mode. At the end of the period, the contestant who has reached the highest level will win the stick. If several contestants reach level 999, their names will be put in a hat (with the fastest contestant's name in there twice) and the winner will be drawn randomly.

    This contest is open to all members, new or old, who do not already have a joystick of their own. We'll be using the honour system for everything, because let's be honest here, none of you are cheaters. Entrants are encouraged to take videos and/or pictures of their records, but this is by no means required.

    I hope you all enjoy competing and have fun with this!

       Player         Level     Time         Comment
    1  kx5            999       10:31:90
    2  rednefed       999       11:28:20     1st completion
    3  Caithness      999       11:53:88     1st completion; Participating for fun
    4  SimMarine      999       11:55:13     1st completion
    5  steadshot      948       11:34:20
    6  clincher       636       07:45:51
    7  Kasumi         554       --:--:--
    (PS I'm gone for a week, can someone update this thread as appropriate in my absence please?)
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  2. K


    This winning price shit remind me something :biggrin:
  3. Should we report our progress here or on the TGM+ thread?
  4. clincher: I'd go for both, or it'll probably get missed for whichever one you don't post on. Just post your best for the competition in the TGM+ thread once it's over.
  5. Ai


    I'd say just post over here for the competition. Not that it really matters, we'll make sure everything stays organized either way.

    Too bad I already have 2 sticks at home. My brother uses the same stick to play SFIV and other fighting games. Though the above looks way cooler. Good luck everyone! ^^

    No problem. I'll add a tournament leaderboard when someone posts. Or if you add one I'll update it.
  6. Well, I only have a joystick in a technical sense - I can't exactly pull it out of the cabinet and use it on this computer... Where's the line between owning a joystick and not owning one?

    Actually, I'm sure I'm just looking for loopholes as I would really love to have a Sanwa.

    Good luck to everyone who is actually eligible.
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  7. Can those of us who already have joysticks just use this thread as a Carnival of TGM+ instead? My best score for tonight is 853 in 10:22.38 in NullpoMino.
  8. I am a keyboard only player, you can enter my name in the hat but I don't think I honestly care if I get the stick or not.

    After about 10 tries...
    999 @ 11:28:20

    • Keep your stack low. Study the garbage pattern (or at least have the wiki up).
    • play aggressively the first 400 levels, so you get the center-garbage around 450-500. With the gravity at 3G or 4G you can push pieces to the side to clear out the hole before 20G begins. With good play you will have the tetris hole conveniently on the left as the 500 section begins.
    • do not make any holes, or at least anything you can't fix very quickly. Think as if you were playing high speed death mode: simple placements that produce holes you don't have to overstack on. You simply cannot afford mistakes in 20G, even with holes near the sides. I lucked out big in that run on the randomizer giving me an L while it was in the history.
    • I entered the 900 section with the center garbage again. I was able to clear to it by 960 and spent the last 40 levels killing the left and right tetris holes. As you can see, after the center garbage was gone I stacked a little braver...
  9. mufunyo, I need that artwork mor my stiiiiick !!!
  10. I've never touched this mode until now. I didn't expect to have changed my gameplay so much for this.


    I got this after 10-15 tries, first time I broke the 500s :D! Came across that OT garbage for the first time too. I must've been a bit lucky because I didn't have too much trouble with it. Definitely can see it being a pain in the ass in the 900s though, where the garbage will be a lot fiercer.
  11. Haha, is there even a point of entering now for new players? :p

    Anyway, I'll give it try even if I won't win. I never even noticed this mode before. My eyes only see everything around that in the menu. :AWE:
  12. kx5


    After about 100 tries :twisted:

  13. Ai


    Excellent! Is that your first completion? I'd love to see you play the other modes too kx5!! Congrats you too rednefed!

    You're indeed correct that for those new to TGM it'll be almost impossible to get to level 999. Still a fun challenge and you never know when there'll be another competition.

    I created a temporary leaderboard for the time being. This is just until colour_thief decides how to manage things. Also updated the TGM+ thread. ^^
  14. I guess this gives me a reason to practice holdless play without fancy I and T kicks. ^^

    I'll probably play quite slow, since I already know I won't get the honor of two names in the hat for fastest time, if I even get to 999.
  15. Urgh.
  16. Ai


    I'm not sure colour_thief will allow anything other than TAP. Anyway you were already very close before so I expect you to clear the mode soon. ^^
  17. Muf


    I'm not sure how much say I have in the matter (I just provide the prize :V) but I'd really prefer if people played TAP if their PCs (or Macs) are up to it. Thanks!
  18. He's not actually in the pool, his earlier post said he's participating for fun.
  19. Ai


    Oh, I see. Have fun everyone, I'll be playing as well. ^^
  20. [​IMG]

    i dont think ive ever hated the randomizer until playing tgm+ ):<

    Slow time because I had to use it to think a lot. I had an almost clear field around 900 and above because of the two I-block garbage holes, but still managed to almost kill myself. idk how many games it took to finally get this.

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