Tournament: Contest: Tetris Concept Independence Day

Thread in 'Competition' started by colour_thief, 17 Jul 2010.

  1. I know what this is supposed to look like but I keep parsing it as a :< face with a hat instead of the reverse of >:(

    On a less random note, congratulations! :)

    I ought to get back on this mode, as I've never quite been able to finish it. :<
  2. Ai


    TAP Normal combo stacking. Congrats clearing the mode! ^^
  3. mufunyo, I need that art for my stick :biggrin:
  4. Thanks! Haven't really given Normal a shot, but I'm pretty terrible at SRS comboing, where I always blame the randomizer instead. Sounds like something I should at least try though :D!
  5. are we allowed to use SRS + grade mania 2? or does it have to be ARS?
  6. Well, first off, that isn't the right mode. Garbage Mania approximates TGM+. Second, it is strongly preferred -- if not required -- that games be played on TAP itself and not any clones. colour_thief can give the final say on that, but everyone else is playing TAP proper.

    Hahahaha, absolutely not. C'mon, XaeL, be serious. :p
  7. oh snap. i dont know any of the TGM bullshit tbh. so i dont know any equivalents etc :D
  8. Saying something like that should be a ban-worthy offense. :3
  9. can't get past 360 :(
  10. The contest is for TAP only, no clones. Sorry. :(
  11. He's playing on TAP now.
  12. [​IMG]

    Well what do you know, I finally made it. Now to work on getting to 500 in Big mode.
  13. Going to start playing this so might as well post my progress
  14. Ai


    Great job clearing TGM+ and getting S1 in TAP Master Big Block Mode Caithness! ^^
  15. Though I'm ineligible for the prize, this is a great excuse for me to start tackling that "oh-god-i'm-too-lazy-i'll-do-it-some-other-day" TGM+ mode. whee!~ ^^
  16. i got like 405 now :(

    Moving from SRS to ARS is hard @ 20g. I can stack at probably 1.5-2tps with ars 0G tho. THe speed isnt an issue, its the inability to place my pieces wherever i want @ 20g.
  17. You haven't reached 20G yet. That said, I feel you on that point. Picking up ARS for high gravity is no small task.
  18. I realise its not 20g (its prbably like 2G or such). But i can't even put my I's anywhere :(
  19. SYN7HOR

    SYN7HOR Drama Queen

    For me, it took about a month (about an hour a day) to go from Ti-ars (floorkicks) to ARS without constantly getting the I stuck.

    It comes instinctively with practice, like everything else regarding Tetris strategy.

    But it sure sucks when you're used to floorkicks.
  20. Learn to IRS. Or stack better.

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